Sunday, February 27, 2022

Remember When Biden Promised to 'Restore the World Order'?

Remember When Biden Promised to 'Restore the World Order'?

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Rarely in political history has a candidate’s campaign rhetoric been shown to be so spectacularly wrong in such a short period of time.

When Joe Biden was running for president, he promised to “fix” everything that Donald Trump had broken. All of the damage Trump had done to America’s alliances, all the feelings Trump had hurt with his mean tweets about world leaders, all the harm he had done to our friends, and all the help he had given our enemies — all of these wrongs would be righted if voters would only elect Joe Biden.

Voters elected Joe Biden, and instead of restoration, America finds itself on the precipice of disaster with nothing less than the post-World War II international order at risk of being completely upended by a Cossack thug in Vladimir Putin.

But perhaps it’s good to recall what Joe Biden promised prior to the election:

The world does not organize itself. American leadership, backed by clear goals and sound strategies, is necessary to effectively address the defining global challenges of our time. In order to lead again, we must restore our credibility and influence. From day one of a Biden administration, other countries will once again have reason to trust and respect the word of an American president.

How’s that workin’ out for ya, Joey?

Putin had Biden down for the count before he even got into the ring with him. Biden put a lot of stock in America’s “moral leadership,” but what happens if Putin doesn’t recognize our “moral leadership”?

Biden’s presidential website explains:

In a Biden administration, America will lead by example and rally the world to meet our common challenges that no one nation can face on its own, from climate change to nuclear proliferation, from great power aggression to transnational terrorism, from cyberwarfare to mass migration. Donald Trump’s erratic policies and failure to uphold basic democratic principles have surrendered our position in the world, undermined our democratic alliances, weakened our ability to mobilize others to meet these challenges, and threatened our security and our future.

If you’re keeping score, Biden is 0 for six.

  • Climate change negotiations are stalled out and China — the world’s number one greenhouse gas emitter — has declared it’s not slowing its emissions down one iota.
  • The Biden administration is facilitating nuclear proliferation by making it possible for Iran to get the bomb as fast as they can enrich the uranium.
  • “Great power aggression”? See “Ukraine.”
  • Transnational terrorism has gotten new life with the Biden bug-out of Afghanistan.
  • There have been at least two major cyber attacks since Biden became president.
  • Has “mass migration” slowed down any at all?

Way to restore the international order, Joe.

Is Biden’s first term any better than a Trump second term would have been? It’s hard to see how another term for Donald Trump could have been any worse.

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