Tuesday, February 8, 2022

The Hypocrisy Never Ends With California Democrats

The Hypocrisy Never Ends With California Democrats

California Democrats have made life hell since 2020 with draconian rules and regulations for their mostly masochistic constituents.

While the state is still under a COVID-19 emergency order until the end of March, that did not stop Gov. Gavin Newsom, San Francisco Mayor London Breed, and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti from taking maskless pictures with basketball star Magic Johnson at SoFi stadium at the NFC championship game Sunday.

Even if they were maskless momentarily for the photos, SoFi stadium policy explicitly states that “masks are required at all times unless actively eating or drinking.”

Even worse, the City of Los Angeles and the state of California both have indoor mask mandates.

These leaders have been the standard-bearers of their state’s apocalyptic decline, so naturally they couldn’t be bothered to follow both the public and private rules they helped create.

Let’s recap.

The notorious French Laundry incident triggered massive anger toward the governor months before the recall election. That was only the beginning of the Marie Antoinette-style leadership coming down the pipeline.

When Breed was caught partying at a nightclub last September without a mask, she immaturely said that the “fun police” were attacking her.

“Don’t feel as though you have to be micromanaged about mask-wearing. Like, we don’t need the fun police to come in and try and micromanage and tell us what we should or shouldn’t be doing. We know what we need to do to protect ourselves,” she told reporters afterward, according to CNN.

These masking policies also apply to schoolchildren (and anybody over 2 years old), meaning that elementary schoolers, who have a developmental need to be able to recognize facial expressions, are not able to do so. Meanwhile, Newsom and company live it up as the Rams play the 49ers.

Young children do not understand bodily autonomy, so they are easily bossed around by teachers who follow the strict guidelines put forth by public health officials. Nobody should expect kindergartners to articulate an argument against listening to their teacher on masking. Instead, they have to suffer in silence as weird adults call them “more compliant than some adults” or “adorable in masks.”

It’s hypocritical at best and cruel at worst.

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When Newsom was asked about the photos Monday, he could not even admit that he messed up.

“Yeah, no, yeah, of course, I was trying to be gracious, I made a mis—,” he said. “You know, I mean I was trying to be gracious and took the mask off for a brief second. But, uh, no, I encourage people to continue to wear them.”

Hard-working Californians have been shamed throughout this pandemic for wanting to go maskless or not wanting their businesses to suffer under the tyranny of COVID restrictions.

Unfortunately, most voters in California appear to be under a spell of fear, which prevents them from being able to see the elitist mentality of their own elected leaders.

Californians who have not yet fled the Golden State should either pack their bags and leave or take a stand against two years worth of nonsense. No politician should be above their own rules, and it’s the responsibility of the citizens to hold those leaders accountable.


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