Thursday, January 25, 2018

Schumer's shutdown reveals: Democrats will destroy America just to spite Trump

Schumer's shutdown reveals: Democrats will destroy America just to spite Trump

Schumer's shutdown reveals: Democrats will destroy America just to spite Trump
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Donald Trump was inaugurated one year ago after promising to make America great again. Throughout the campaign everyone knew what he believed, though it was not clear what his opponents stood for.
The Schumer shutdown has revealed the totality of the Democrats’ agenda: animosity and amnesty.
When President Trump set out to deliver historic tax cuts for the American people, Democrats sat on their hands, rather than participating in the legislative process.
Now they’ve come off the sidelines to actively sabotage the government established to serve the American people.

Their stated reason for doing so is even more astounding than the act itself.
Never before in American history has a major political party put the interests of lawbreaking foreign nationals ahead of the interests of law abiding Americans. Yet that is exactly what the Democrats have done in holding the government hostage to extract special favors for illegal immigrants.
This is a remarkable achievement — and it’s the only achievement the Democrats can claim since blowing their “sure thing” election in 2016. 
We already knew the Washington Democrats hated Trump.
Now we know they oppose not just the president, but American government, the American people and even the very concept of American citizenship as well.
They call Americans “deplorables” and illegal immigrants “Dreamers.” That tells you everything you need to know about the Democrats’ upside-down world view.
It would almost be laughable if the consequences were not so serious.
The Schumer shutdown is a preview of what we can expect should the Democrats wrest control of the legislative branch in November. It’s no laughing matter.
Over the past year, Trump has turned the economy around. Overall unemployment and female unemployment ar at an 18-year low, unemployment insurance claims at a 45-year low, business and consumer confidence at or near record highs, and black and Hispanic unemployment at the lowest levels ever recorded. Jobs are growing and wages are rising.
Thanks to the Trump tax cuts, millions of Americans have received pay hikes and bonuses, Chrysler will build cars in Michigan rather than Mexico, and Apple will invest $350 billion in America.
More jobs, higher wages and better opportunities for all Americans — and we’re just getting started.
But it will all be shut down if Democrats take Congress. They will bring the booming economy to a screeching halt.
Investments will dry up as businesses go in a defensive crouch, fearful of costly mandates from Washington bureaucrats emboldened by a Democratic Congress. Jobs will disappear, 401ks will shrink and economic growth will stall.
Democrats are committed to stopping Trump and his "America first" agenda, whatever the cost to the American people. Like the apocryphal commander in the Vietnam War, they will destroy the village to save it.
The Schumer shutdown shows us not only what the Democrats believe but what they are capable of doing.
And why they cannot be allowed to take control of Congress in November.
Thomas Hicks, Jr. is chairman of the board of America First Policies. He is a partner of Hicks Holdings LLC, a private equity firm with interests in manufacturing, energy services and consumer products. He is on the national board of the American Enterprise Institute’s Enterprise Club, and advisory board of Turning Point USA.

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