Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Don's Tuesday Column

          THE WAY I SEE IT   by Don Polson  Red Bluff Daily News   1/23/2018

               Shutdown blame; DACA; FBI crimes

A funny thing happened as I assembled my thoughts and materials on the many accomplishments of President Donald J. Trump, and the most over- and under-covered stories of the past year. It seems the Sunday talk shows (on the networks, anyway) still can’t get over conflicting reports on Trump’s use of a profanity to the extent that it’s still a thing to discuss.
Then I came across some references to actual profanities uttered by the media’s more preferred and respected politicians: Obama called (candidate) Mitt Romney a “bull sh**ter” in print on the pages of The Rolling Stone; a senior Obama official once called Israel’s Prime Minister a “chickens**t (reported in the Washington Examiner); Obama was quoted in The Atlantic in 2016, “privately, he calls Libya a ‘sh*t show’”. Though less profane, the amnesty crowd’s favorite Republican, Lindsey Graham called Mexico “a hellhole” in 2013; he also had the temerity to state the obvious, that “we can’t have everybody in the world who lives in a hellhole come to America.” Graham is now reluctant to insist on barriers to walking into the US.
Want serious discussion of immigration system “reform”? Motto: it’s “broken”—reality: the laws have been ignored and the 700 miles of fence/wall authorized by law, including Senator Schumer’s vote, haven’t been built. It’s now sidelined over the government “shutdown” circus (As I write, the news broke of a vote that will garner 81 Senators, ending the “shutdown.”). News reports point to the surge of illegal “aliens” (actual word used in law) in recent months, which is the predictable reaction by occupants of the “hellhole” nations to the south upon learning that yet another group of illegal immigrants in America will be granted legal status. Democrats enthralled with future Hispanic voters, and Republican toadies of corporate, Chamber of Commerce pleadings for low-wage workers, must be refuted and stopped.
Physical barriers built on every mile not protected by natural impediments; ending “chain immigration” whereby 800,000 legalized DACA youth open the gates to 3+ million relatives; and abolishing “lottery” visas and green cards responsible for terrorists killing and injuring citizens—those must be included or the DACA immigrants should be left to twist in the legal wind. If they’ve registered and never break a law beyond a traffic citation, they should be left alone. Otherwise, they’re “outta here”; the same goes for visa violators. Citizens should get jobs first.
Preparing for a “government shutdown” column, I found my October, 2013, columns that began with “Obamacare abomination must be destroyed,” wherein the case was made for vast voter disapproval of the misnamed “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” and refusing to fund it. That was followed by “Feds close parks, punish the people,” in which I recounted a fraction of the instances of Obama and his administration “weaponizing” the shutdown to maximum inconvenience of we, the people. Then came “Liars cannot be talked to, reasoned with,” which refuted the lies spread far and wide by the Democrats and their tools in the news media that Republicans were shutting down the government. They passed all the funding for every department save funds for implementing the then-disastrous Obamacare law.
The last October, 2013, column, titled “After action post script on shutdown theater,” reviewed more of the truly outrageous efforts of National Park employees to keep out visitors, at gun point, from their own parks and businesses; over the 16-day shutdown, plenty of money was coming in to fund “essential” services. Polls showed public sentiment supporting the Tea Party positions and putting more blame on Obama, Harry Reid and Democrats. Polling that placed more blame on Republicans also showed support for negotiations; “Obama and Harry Reid alone said ‘NO’ to negotiations in a conference committee. Republicans made many compromises—the blame lies with the Democrats, period.” The same goes for last weekend’s “Schumer shutdown.”
Check your news sources to see if they reported that “The FBI ‘failed to preserve’ five months worth of text messages exchanged between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, the two FBI employees who made pro-Clinton and anti-Trump comments while working on the Clinton email and the Russia collusion investigations…Strzok and Page were significant players in the Clinton and Trump investigations. As deputy chief of counterintelligence, Strzok over saw the Trump investigation when it was opened in July 2016. Weeks earlier, he had wrapped up his work as one of the top investigators on the Clinton email probe. Both worked on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation until July 2017.”
That vastly under-reported bombshell illustrates how partisan corruption infested both the supposed “exoneration” of Hillary Clinton of crimes over her illegal server, as well as the shady process of hauling the Trump campaign and transition through as-yet unsubstantiated, unproven charges of “collusion” to harm the Clinton campaign and help Trump’s. The FBI’s James Comey listed the crimes involved in Hillary’s private server and haphazard misuse of classified material—just before Strzok made the unilateral decision to use the descriptor “careless” instead of the criminal term of “gross negligence.”

We now have emerging revelations on how the DNC, Hillary’s campaign and the FBI used FISA surveillance applications predicated on the completely baseless “dossier” of second and third hand gossip from Russian sources, fed to ex-British spy, Christopher Steele. It is beyond anything Nixon dreamed in the Watergate scandal; I don’t think I’m getting ahead of the facts to say that the convenient “loss” of 14,000 text messages between Strzok and Page has a lot to do with covering up genuine, citable federal crimes by them and others, in their zeal to use the tools of government to undermine Trump’s campaign, his transition and now his presidency. 

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