For almost a week, Iranians have been protesting against their oppressive regime. The demonstrations have been unfolding on social media since Iran has no free press and the state press have been told not to report on it.
For some odd reason, officials from President Barack Obama’s administration have advised people to ignore this uprising. Gee, could it be because their celebrated Iranian nuclear deal looks REALLY bad now? That deal was supposedly the most important foreign policy decision during the administration.
Their victory could be torn to pieces as these protests show that Obama and his administration made a nuclear deal with one of the worst regimes in the world, a regime that constantly violates human rights and treats females like second class citizens.
After all, in 2015, Obama told the New York Times that “Iran will be and should be a regional power.” He also said that Iran has “that ability now to take some decisive steps to move toward a more constructive relationship with the world community.” Obama encouraged Iranian leaders “to seize that opportunity.”
Yes, they’re mad because Trump wasted no time to show support for those rebelling against the regime. Vice President Mike Pence even chimed in.
How awful of them to stand with those who want change in Iran, those who desire a government that respects their basic human rights!
Former Assistant Secretary of State and White House coordinator for the Middle East Philip Gordan penned that op-ed Rice tweeted out. Gordon drenched his op-ed with nothing but hatred towards President Donald Trump, dropping hints that this could be all of Trump’s fault since the president has not hid his feelings towards Iran:
Even if Mr. Obama’s support might have somehow been helpful to the Iranian opposition, Mr. Trump’s almost certainly will not be. Whatever Iranians think of their own government, they are unlikely to want as a voice for their grievances an American president who has relentlessly opposed economic relief for their country and banned them from traveling to the United States.
Uh, get off your high horse, Mr. Superiority. You need to look in a mirror and I’ll explain why.
Do you guys remember Obama’s first inauguration speech? I remember him saying something like if you unclench your fist we’ll welcome you in. It basically sounded like the world is this big friendly place and everything is fine..if you wore your rose colored glasses.
So it’s not only because of the Iran nuclear deal. It’s because these people do not live in reality and honestly think if you turn a blind eye then everything bad will go away.
Remember the 2009 protests in Iran? Yeah, right after Obama’s inauguration and his flowery speech. His administration basically ignored it and he came out with a statement like a week later. Despite that mess, his administration went out of its way to appease the destructive regime and make a nuclear deal with them.
It’s almost as if these people don’t want a change in Iran simply because it will make them and their former boss look bad. What’s that famous saying? Pride cometh before the fall? They refuse to swallow their pride. Plus, if this does spark a change in Iran, it would look good for Trump. God forbid if that happens. Their hatred for Trump is stronger than any feelings they have for their fellow human beings.
Maybe they’re also ticked because this is another blackeye to their amazing Iran deal. Right before Christmas, Politico dropped a report that showed “Obama allowed Hezbollah to run cocaine through the U.S. as a bargaining chip to secure the awful Iran deal.” Professor Jacobson broke down the story about the investigation when it broke. Iran sponsors the terrorist group Hezbollah.
It’s not the first time Politico released an investigation into the Iran deal. Back in April, Politico’s investigation concentrated on the prisoner swap that occurred during the deal. Iran agreed to release four Americans while we handed over seven prisoners and dropped charges and investigations against 14 others. Professor Jacobson profiled these prisoners after the exchange. But there were some in Obama’s administration that felt anger towards the decision because they felt the men are an actual threat to our national security:
“They didn’t just dismiss a bunch of innocent business guys,” said one former federal law enforcement supervisor centrally involved in the hunt for Iranian arms traffickers and nuclear smugglers. “And then they didn’t give a full story of it.”