Monday, February 19, 2018

Progressives Must Stop Using Terror To Try And Intimidate Conservatives

Progressives Must Stop Using Terror To Try And Intimidate Conservatives

Kurt Schlichter

            It should be no surprise that less than a year after a Bernie Sanders fan took a rifle and attempted to erase the Congressional GOP for the crime of having different political views that some cretin decided to send Donald Trump Jr. a packet of mystery white powder. After all, Don Jr. is not a progressive, so don’t his and his family deserve to be terrorized, if not murdered?
            Or did I misunderstand the progressives’ stand by their near total silence?
            Well, not total silence. The Twitter left sure had a ball with it, yukking it up. Dousing someone in fake anthrax – hilarious! And totally justified, in their minds, because Don Jr. supports his father and is conservative. That makes it okay. In fact, let’s help by posting his home address!
Serves him right, and his family too, right? It’s cool to make his wife rush to the hospital because her husband supports an opposing politician (who is his father) and because he has different political ideas than leftists. And if his children get involved, well, so much the better. That’ll teach him for having dissenting views. 
Yeah, that’s where we are today in this country today. But these people better think carefully about where we will be tomorrow.
This madness must stop, but will this latest atrocity change anything? Threats, violence, and targeting family members – these are all in play now, and where are the Democrats coming out and telling their psychotic followers to knock it off?
            That’s a laugh, but not one that’s ha-ha funny. 
            The leaders on the left are entirely AWOL, and that’s because even those whose shriveled, shrunken hearts still retain some tiny grain of decency and understand this is disgusting and barbaric can’t risk saying so out loud. To stand up and say, “Hey, maybe we should not terrorize the families of our political opponents” would only serve to normalize the opposition.
            Psst, that means people like you and me.
            No, the Democrat leaders won’t do that. None of them. None of them dares, because their own voters will crucify them if they take a stand against progressive hate and terrorism against conservatives. No, not even the ones who know it’s wrong to send a family fake anthrax, and certainly not the many who secretly – or thanks to social media and its remarkable ability to compel evil people to reveal themselves, proudly – approve.
            After all, the victim is someone who supports President Trump, and he and his family deserve whatever happens to them. I guess our progressives learned from their new besties in North Korea.
            These progressives mutter about complicity, but as always, it’s projection. They are complicit in this cruelty – they recognize no moral boundaries when it comes to retaking power from Donald Trump and the Normals who elected him. 
Anything goes.
See, Trump is Hitler and therefore anyone who supports him has forfeited his rights, including the right to not be terrorized.
The braying jackals of the left demand that no one “normalize” anyone affiliated with the guy who won the Electoral College, which is what picks our president whenever the Democrat wins and at no other time. But what they are really doing with their shameful silence is to dehumanize their opponents. 
That’s you and me too, folks, not just Don Jr. and his wonderful family. We don’t toe the lefty line, and so we aren’t human and should not be treated as such.
            The FBI can buy manufactured evidence to spy on us, and that’s okay. We aren’t human.
            The IRS can persecute us if we try to exercise our right to participate in the political process, and that’s okay. We aren’t human.
            Some Sanders fan who no doubt had a COEXIST sticker on his minivan can shoot up a bunch of Republicans, and that’s okay. We aren’t human.
            Maybe his family getting sent fake anthrax will teach Don Jr. some obedience.
            Let’s slide past the hideous moral bankruptcy of this way of thinking and get to the practical problem with normalizing terrorism and dehumanizing opponents. It creates a set of new rules, and the complicit liberal elite better think really hard about whether they truly want those new rules in effect. After all, they enacted new rules regarding vicious campaigning and then Trump came and wiped out Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit using them. 
            Do you liberals really want new rules allowing violence and terrorism?
Do you liberals really want new rules allowing denormalizing your political opponents?
Do you liberals really want new rules allowing dehumanizing your political opponents?
You may think you do now, but trust me, you really don’t. 
Take heed: You are going to hate the new rules.
There is a way out, a way that is obvious to anyone of good faith and common sense, and since it’s always a leftist attacking Republicans, the Democrat leadership needs to lead the way. The way out is to join together with the President and other conservatives and unequivocally reject violence and terror.
Not obliquely.
Not with clichés. 
No with a smirk and a wink.
Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and all the other key Democrat leaders must stand on a stage beside Donald Trump and Don Jr. and say, without qualification that this is unacceptable and wrong. Then they and their minions in politics and in their pet press must stop with the non-stop, psycho-fueling hate for their conservative opponents – not the political disagreements but the senseless, drooling venom that infects the MSNBCs and the Twitters and all the rest.
            But that will never happen.
The sad fact is that a Democrat who showed that kind of character is finished in today’s Democrat Party. His career would be over. Hate is now a Democrat job qualification.
The liberal base does not care if a few conservatives are frightened or hurt or even killed – they don’t consider us human anyway.
Now, look below at the commenters howling that this isn’t true. They’ll be plenty. 
Fine. If some Democrat leaders stand up like I’ve suggested, I will be delighted to admit that I am wrong – pleasantly, happily wrong.
            But that won’t happen. It can’t. 
It is not politically possible for a Democrat politician today to take a meaningful, serious stand in opposition to leftist terror aimed at conservatives – even assuming the politician isn’t giggling off-camera about Don Jr.’s family being frightened and believing it serves them right for daring to have different political views.
            But they won’t be laughing down the road. When you normalize hate, you end up with hate being normalized for everyone. You do not want that. You really don’t. Stop the madness.
            Otherwise, you will learn to hate the new rules.

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