Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Don's Tuesday Column

   THE WAY I SEE IT   by Don Polson  Red Bluff Daily News   02/27/2018

               Intelligence report propaganda        
        There was a memo written by Democrats, way back in the George Bush presidency, that leaked out of an intelligence committee. It was not for public consumption; moreover, it contained such damaging admissions (to their cause of tarnishing Bush over the Iraq War) that it was given little coverage by the partisan news media. I remember reading it thoroughly and was astounded at the crass, shameless, duplicitous and manipulative approach those Democrats chose as their "ticket" to undermining not only the rationale for the Iraq War, but also President Bush's authority and legitimacy in general.
        That internal memo basically "war gamed" how the Democrats would use every trick they could muster to discredit, undermine, obfuscate and flat-out lie about the intelligence supporting the decision to start the Iraq War. Numerous "if...then" strategies were laid out; "if" discrepancies over pre-war statements were found, "then" the worst interpretation would be spread to  sympathetic media outlets to drive the narrative and coverage. "If" pre-war intelligence contained any less-than-certain level of confidence, "then" only the uncertainty would be emphasized. "If" no actual contradictions could be found, "then" Democrats would spread fabrications that couldn't be refuted by Republicans without compromising classified raw intelligence and "sources and methods." 
         Bear in mind that American troops and equipment were on the line in Iraq at the time. The mood of the public had shifted from support for the war to ambivalence and opposition in some quarters. If you recall, it was twice voted for by Democrats based on available information, including by Hillary Clinton based on her access to Bill Clinton's intell on Saddam's weapons and support for terrorists. Democrat voters would believe and espouse whatever came from Intelligence Committee Democrats; the partisan news media would take that cue and proceed to replicate the role they played undermining America's efforts--and Americans' support--in the Vietnam War.
        If history is a reliable guide, then consider the perfidious role by Democrats, and their news media adjuncts, in undermining the Vietnam War, Richard Nixon (with help from his tape recorder), America's clandestine-but-essential CIA foreign spying, President Reagan and his missile strategy, Reagan's anti-communist efforts in Nicaragua, Bush 43's Iraq War and War on Terror, up to the current campaign to de-legitimize President Trump, his election and agenda. That consistent role has effectively divided America into warring camps and subverted every justified action by their political opponents--enemies, in their estimation. Division is the undisputed goal of the current Russian efforts against America and our national unity in serving the Constitution's design of electoral, political order. Any dispassionate analysis would have to conclude that it is the Democratic side doing the Russians' bidding. 
        Consider all of that when hearing about the current memo from Intelligence Committee Democrats seeking to refute the Nunes memo that revealed embarrassing, underhanded, even illegal abuse by the FBI/DOJ investigating Trump et al. I see clear indications that Democrats (traditionally on the anti-law enforcement side) now disingenuously champion the FBI/DOJ only after the successful politicization of its bureaucratic leadership (under Barack Obama) as a tool in the "law-fare" campaign against President Trump and his administration.
        The immediate goal, revealed by Democrat Schiff's Intelligence propaganda, I mean memo, is to sow confusion and contention into what would otherwise be a rather straightforward, condemnable narrative: The so-called Steele "dossier" contained false, unverified, unverifiable and salacious dirt on Trump (See above for the anti-Bush tactics over Iraq War intell). 
        A key point in the GOP (Nunes) memo is that DOJ and FBI officials used the "Trump dossier" by Christopher Steele, paid for by the Democrats and Clinton, as an important, essential element in every FISA warrant from every FISA Court--Courts that were never told it was paid-for-propaganda. It was infused with anti-Trump bias and, in Steele's case as a foreign agent using Russian government and non-government sources, was a product serving no purpose other than to keep Trump from becoming President and provide impeachable grounds to remove him. 
        There is the real, verifiable Russian collusion: 1) designed and intended to subvert the election; 2) collusion that did change votes and continues to move Democrat impeachment plans forward with their desperately-desired House takeover; 3) at the very least, make Trump a one-termer. The Mueller investigation team is composed almost entirely of hard-core Democrat lawyers, typified by the take-no-prisoners, get-a-scalp-at-any-cost tactics of Mr. Weinstein. Witness the questionable guilty conviction of Mr. Flynn over disreputable disclosure failures and an FBI agent that affirmed Flynn didn't actually lie.
        Consider Mueller's indictments of 13 Russians for conspiring to sow confusion in the 2016 presidential election (which included favoring Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein); also, the zero chance of extraditing them to face charges. Under that standard, Steele--who is not a citizen, colluded with Russians and actually meddled in our election--and the Democrats who received and spread his propaganda sure look guilty of the same charges.

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