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How Far Will Joe Biden and the Left Drag Us Down to Keep Our Minds Off Hunter's Laptop?

How Far Will Joe Biden and the Left Drag Us Down to Keep Our Minds Off Hunter's Laptop?

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

I firmly believe that the Democrats cheated in the 2020 presidential election. There is serious, believable evidence everywhere, including the evidence found in the Arizona forensic audit.

FACT-O-RAMA! The left played off the Arizona audit as though it was a recount and claimed, “Look, the audit found that Biden still won!” It wasn’t a recount. Look at it this way. You have $1 million in single dollar bills. You can count it 20 times and it’s still $1 million. The audit was checking to see how many of those dollars were counterfeit. Thousands were.

Biden HAD to cheat. Trump was on to what Gropey Joe and his crack-puffing derelict son were up to. The Democrats actually voted to impeach Trump for asking simple questions about the Biden boys’ corruption. If Biden didn’t take the White House by any means necessary, he, his brother, and Hunter were going to be perp-walked on every news channel in the world. The laptop has all the receipts for their corruption. For Hunter, that’s not even the worst part. Check out the tweet below (it’s not the only damning photo):

Imagine being such a narcissist that you can’t use drugs, plow a hooker, or snuggle with a child and NOT take a picture of it. I’m no lawyer, but if I were I’d suggest my clients avoid ALL of that.

Prior to the 2020 election, 51 “intel specialists” told us that Russians likely faked videos and pictures of Hunter smoking crack and having sex with hookers. They faked the picture of Hunter lying in bed with his 14-year-old niece, Natalie Biden. The Russkies also shammed a bunch of emails involving years of corruption, including “10% for the big guy.” Then they left the computer at a repair shop near Hunter’s home.

Wow, those Russians sure are crafty rascals.

When the New York Post reported on the laptop, they were banned from Twitter. Left-leaning news sources championed the verdicts of the 51 intel miscreants.

Biden BS Recap:

  • The Democrats impeached Trump for looking into Biden’s corruption.
  • 51 intel specialists toady scumbags lied about the laptop.
  • Pravda media covered the Bidens’ corruption.
  • Big Tech punished those who tried to report the truth.

How much lower can the Democrats go? Put on your seat belts; actually, just tighten the belt on your pants.

Do not underestimate the left’s willingness to distract you from the truth. A key way to do that is to make you miserable. Gas prices and inflation are killing us. Isn’t that enough? No, because now the laptop story is out. The New York Times has finally admitted they lied about it being fake. Quick, Joe: what do we do now? I know; starve the masses!

Food shortages are a great way to keep your mind off of Hunter’s laptop. Who has time to think about the Biden crime family’s dedication to fraud, drugs, and possibly incest when you’re hatchet-fighting your neighbor for a can of Starkist tuna?

FACT-O-RAMA! Tuna packed in water is healthier than tuna packed in oil. Something to remember when you’re raiding your local Dollar Tree once Biden’s huger games begin.

Right on cue, the commie press is already helping Biden with his latest folly by pretending to help us survive.

In the article above, a “professor of economics” suggests that we, the plebes who get dirty when we work, can survive the next level of Biden’s onslaught by eating beans, selling our cars, and letting our pets die. I’m not joking; that’s in the article. Thanks for the advice, prof. I hope you choke on your sushi and poop your Armani jeans.

Joe Biden, big tech, the lefty press, and the vile commies in the Democrat party will happily let your kids starve before they’ll watch the Biden crime family go to jail. Remember if the Bidens fall, they all fall.

ADVICE-O-RAMA! Buy ammo.

The Democrats will probably deny calling it a “food shortage” and refer to it as “slimming down for beach season.”

PRESIDENTIAL PORN WARNING: If you go to the Twitter profile posted above to see a bunch of the pictures on Hunter’s laptop, you’ll see a LOT of pictures of Hunter naked and/or in sexual congress. Pictures you can’t unsee. You’ve now been warned what you will see if you go to Twitter and search for “HIGHSTRUNG @jayroll43256805.”

FACT-O-RAMA! I’ve never seen even ONE picture of Donald Trump, Jr. naked.

I highly suggest you read the “Related” article below. Not simply because I will get paid if you do (heh-heh-heh … ) but also because it’s yet another nail in the Biden vampire’s heart. I’ll give you a hint: he allegedly showered with his young daughter Ashley.

Related: Diary Allegedly Belonging to Ashley Biden Reveals Disturbing Personal Details

Not only are the Bidens are filthy, but they’ll also do ANYTHING to stay IN power and OUT of jail. If that includes making your kids miss meals, so be it. Know your place, rubes.

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