Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Don's Tuesday Column

      THE WAY I SEE IT   by Don Polson  Red Bluff Daily News   2/26/2022

Use eyes, facts, logic, then conclude

What you see can be deceiving; facts can be manipulated; one person’s logic is another’s forbidden thinking, even heresy. When combined with an open, inquisitive mind, however, even disputed, apparently complex controversies can yield truthful conclusions. Forging agreement with opposing partisans? Still futile.

Examples: 1) Brooklyn subway shooter Frank James fits into a pattern of other mass attacks, patterns unhelpful to the race hustlers and gun-grabbers. On Nov. 21, 2021, Derrell Brooks, Jr. plowed his car through the Waukesha Christmas Parade in Wisconsin, murdering six and injuring 61. On April 2, 2021 Noah Green rammed his car into a barricade at the U.S. Capitol, murdering one person, a cop, and injuring another. The news media have memory-holed them and moved on.

“Brooks, Green, and James shared the same ideology: they were all black nationalists who hated white people and believed that they could never get a fair shake in an America dogged by systemic racism and white supremacy. In other words, they hewed closely to the standard Leftist worldview of today, but their violence didn’t fit the media’s idea of how you should perceive reality.” (R. Spencer)

Compare it to the media/political obsession with violence that serves the anti-gun, anti-white-cop narrative. White cop kills a black, violent scofflaw stopped for a traffic offense, who runs, wrestles cop, grabs his taser—enabling the criminal (with a violent past) to overpower, even kill, the cop—and sadly finds out that law enforcement officers will use justified lethal force for self-defense.

2) You can easily imagine the type and length of news coverage if a conservative, Trump-supporting, MAGA-group raked in nearly $100 million from donors large and small, and then enriched the leaders with multi-million-dollar mansions. The leaders basked in their new-found opulence. That’s the fraud that the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, or BLM, perpetrated under the guise of racial justice, equity and protest. The media: Meh.

Self-proclaimed “trained Marxist” co-founder Patrisse Cullors said the organization didn’t even try to function as a legal entity, and ignored the standard Form 990 filing with the IRS, the most basic, transparent step to avoid the appearance of fraud and corruption. Nice grift—they got theirs.

3) “Feds Apologize to Violent BLM and Antifa Rioters for Not Being Nicer to Them as They Set Fires in Front of White House” (Victoria Taft, 4/13). We saw the violence, the factual destruction and evident anti-cop aggression, and the logic of clearing said rioters from Lafayette Square to protect the statues and workers assigned to repair them—not President Trump’s walk to the rioter-burned St. John’s church. Our “woke” (intimidated) federal DOJ is settling claims by rioters and apologizing.

“Protesters and violent rioters seized upon Lafayette Square, breaching a White House perimeter, and rioted, rallied, and set fires for days. An umbrella group called ‘Shut Down DC,’ composed of far-left professional agitators, including Lisa Fithian, helped orchestrate the attack to incapacitate the nation’s capital.”

4) Really? An “attack to incapacitate the nation’s capital” which injured dozens of police, caused property damage and prompted the Secret Service to move President Trump to the bunker after the White House perimeter was breached. There is your attempted “insurrection,” not the dozens of rioters who breached one side of the Capital building, injured some police and only paused the counting of electoral votes.

Protesters’ objective was to let states have a final say in assigning their states’ electors, hardly anyone’s definition of an “insurrection”; no charges of insurrection or sedition. A judge ruled that those—who were basically “welcomed” through doors to wander, record the peaceful crowd and take selfies—committed no crime.

American justice: A crime must be proven, the suspect be released on bail and a jury or judge render a verdict based on facts and witnesses, not supposition of guilt because of political prejudice—as Democrats are doing with their Jan. 6 persecution of Donald Trump’s associates. He offered troops to protect the Capital, which Nancy Pelosi rejected; much blame rests with her.

Will any Democrats be held accountable for encouraging, endorsing, even supporting, the “Summer of love” nationwide riots that killed dozens and inflicted billions of dollars of property destruction. Why are only Republicans, who merely spoke at Trump’s Jan. 6 rally, being subjected to disqualification from running for office, while Democrats are blameless for street riots, arson and destruction? They obstructed counting George Bush’s and Donald Trump’s electors.

5) We now have proof of FBI entrapment of militia members—who never met until agents brought them together—into the phony plot to kidnap Mich. Gov. Whitmer, hatched apparently in the bowels of the FBI. It’s inconvenient to the narrative of anti-government Trump-sters—a figment of media delusion.

A court filing by defense attorneys for Jan. 6 suspects, states that “20 Federal ‘Assets’ [were] Embedded at Capitol on Jan. 6—Oath Keepers’ motion seeks to dismiss seditious conspiracy, obstruction charges,” (Joseph M. Hanneman).

Perhaps you’ve a) seen the footage of one “Ray Epps” telling protesters to attack and enter the Capitol (he’s not been charged with any crimes); b) examined the facts of federal entrapment and “false flag” operations; and c) used simple logic to compare the hundreds of thousands of peaceful Trump rally attendees, to BLM/antifa local and national “insurrectionists,” and the relative handful of Jan. 6 rioters. You will arrive at a truthful conclusion: The Jan. 6 committee, with Justice Dept. complicity, is little more than a third world, kangaroo court persecution of political opponents, and is abusing Congress’ power.

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