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Obama’s Incompetence And Chaos Far Eclipsed What’s Coming From Team Trump

Obama’s Incompetence And Chaos Far Eclipsed What’s Coming From Team Trump

The claims of incompetence are rushing like a torrent from every direction and with such hysteria that you’d think the chaos of Armageddon was upon us.
Many in the media are warning that President Donald Trump is incompetent and doesn’t know what he’s doing. His ignorance, they say, will mean the downfall of the republic. The hysteria is unwarranted and merely part of a Democratic Party campaign to oust the president and derail his agenda.
This isn’t the first president to face claims of incompetence. Sometimes they’re right and sometimes not. Such charges were made against Barack Obama, and most were warranted, coming not only from Republicans but Democrats. In November 2010, Joe Scarborough reported that several Democratic senators had told him they thought Obama was out of his league.
“Democrats in Washington have been horrified by this president’s handling of things for a year and a half now,” Scarborough said. “The top Democrats in the United States Senate have all told me individually, ‘This guy has no idea what he’s doing.’”
Sound familiar?

We Also Saw an Employee Exodus

The Guardian also lamented during the same period that the exodus of employees from the Obama administration was a bad sign.
Political analysts attribute the attrition rate to exhaustion, but Republican opponents blame disarray inside the White House, with an insular team responsible for too many policy failures.
In a blog on the Politico website, Alvin Felzenberg, the presidential historian and author of The Leaders We Deserved, writes: ‘These departures are a reflection of Obama’s leadership style. Why he has such a difficult time earning and retaining the loyalties of people outside his circle of intimates is anyone’s guess.’
So Trump isn’t the only president with a trusted inner circle. The difference is, however, that Trump has stepped outside that circle, meeting with people from all stripes and political parties, industries, and interests. Obama didn’t do that. Yet Trump is the bungling idiot? I don’t think so.
In June 2010, Democrat Mort Zuckerman, who voted for Obama in 2008, wrote at U.S. News that the “world sees Obama as incompetent and amateur.”
The reviews of Obama’s performance have been disappointing. He has seemed uncomfortable in the role of leading other nations, and often seems to suggest there is nothing special about America’s role in the world.
Even in Britain, for decades our closest ally, the talk in the press—supported by polls—is about the end of the ‘special relationship’ with America. French President Nicolas Sarkozy openly criticized Obama for months, including a direct attack on his policies at the United Nations. Sarkozy cited the need to recognize the real world, not the virtual world, a clear reference to Obama’s speech on nuclear weapons. When the French president is seen as tougher than the American president, you have to know that something is awry. Vladimir Putin of Russia has publicly scorned a number of Obama’s visions. Relations with the Chinese leadership got off to a bad start with the president’s poorly-organized visit to China, where his hosts treated him disdainfully and prevented him from speaking to a national television audience of the Chinese people. The Chinese behavior was unprecedented when compared to visits by other U.S. presidents.
Note how Zuckerman was bothered that Putin opposed Obama’s visions. Yet Democrats today (and too many Republicans) think Putin’s reported embrace of Trump’s vision is something to fear. So which is it, Democrats? Do you want to work with Russia or not?
Zuckerman saw Obama as a failure in other ways outside foreign policy. “He speaks as a teacher, as someone imparting values and generalities appropriate for a Sunday morning sermon, not as a tough-minded leader.”
The Obama presidency has so far been characterized by a well-intentioned but excessive belief in the power of rhetoric with too little appreciation of reality and loyalty. . . .
Strategic decisions go well beyond being smart, which Obama certainly is. They must be based on experience that discerns what works, what doesn’t—and why. This requires experienced staffing, which Obama and his top appointees simply do not seem to have.
Even more scathing was liberal extraordinaire Gore Vidal with this evaluation of Obama that same year: “I was like everyone else when Obama was elected – optimistic. Everything we had been saying about racial integration was vindicated, but he’s incompetent. He will be defeated for re-election. It’s a pity because he’s the first intellectual president we’ve had in many years, but he can’t hack it. He’s not up to it. He’s overwhelmed. And who wouldn’t be? The United States is a madhouse.”Vidal called Obama a “kid” who has never “heard a gun fired in anger.” The president is “absolutely bowled over by generals, who tell him lies and he believes them,” Vidal continued. “He’s not ready for prime time and he’s getting a lot of prime time on his plate at once.” Hold your horses! Generalslied to Obama? But I thought that only happened to Trump.

‘Amateur Hour at the White House’

Even the Washington Post had to admit all was not well in Obama world when they reported that the White House wasn’t ready for conflicts over policy: “President Obama’s advisers acknowledged Tuesday that they were unprepared for the intraparty rift that occurred over the fate of a proposed public health insurance program, a firestorm that has left the White House searching for a way to reclaim the initiative on the president’s top legislative priority.”
Jay Cost of RealClearPolitics was “stunned” that Obama “would be caught off guard by this,” adding that his “lack of foresight” was “absolutely inexcusable.” “How could they not have anticipated this?” Cost asked. “How could they possibly have been surprised that the left and right flanks of the party would not see eye to eye?”
Seems like things haven’t changed that much, at least rhetorically. “But Trump is worse!” many might claim. Yet that isn’t true at all. What’s worse is the way it’s being reported and repeated. The claims of incompetence are rushing like a torrent from every direction and with such hysteria that you’d think the chaos of Armageddon was upon us.
Paul Krugman refers to the “staggering ignorance of Trump and says we have “an intellectual vacuum at the top” where “ignorance is strength.” Therefore, we must “be afraid, be very afraid.” Dana Milbankclaims that “competence questions arise daily,” plaguing the White House at every turn.
CNBC predicts, as if it has a crystal ball, that “White House tumult threatens to derail Trump’s broad agenda.” Never mind that these same people were constantly wrong about Trump throughout the campaign. But the “incompetence of Trump” fits nicely into their effort to undermine that agenda. As John Harwood writes, “Chaos within the Trump White House has placed a new hurdle in front of Republicans’ goals of enacting health care and tax reform this year.”
They only wish. This is the goal of the mainstream media today: derail Trump’s agenda and hopefully Trump himself either through impeachment or defeat in 2020. We shouldn’t be surprised by Democrats engaging in such propaganda, but what about Republicans? I hear too many of them echoing the Left.

It’s Trump Against the World Again

They might think they’re being principled and objective. They’re not. They’re useful idiots. Trump is not the first president to undergo difficulties in transition. As I’ve stated, Obama faced the same critiques. Trump, however, is getting it from all sides. He’s being undermined and attacked by the media, Hollywood, Congress, the administrative state, Democrats, intelligence officers, and even his own party.
We need to stand united against the leftist tyrannical aggression cloaking itself in the revolutionary garbs of resistance.
There are forces at work today that Obama never even imagined would raise a finger against him. The cultural and political Left want to delegitimize and defeat the Republican Party, conservatism, and all who are committed to the Constitution as originally written. They want to transform our nation into a collectivist nightmare that rejects our principles of liberty and equality before the law. They will lie, cheat, steal, and punch to achieve their goals.
Republicans throwing Trump under the bus because of pride, lust for power, hurt feelings, or irrational fear will do more to put our republic in jeopardy than any cabinet resignation or travel ban on foreign nationals from hostile regions ever could.
Any Republican, conservative, or American who really cares about freedom and preserving the Constitution needs to stop with the knee-jerk reactions and parroting of the Left. If they continue, they need to be called out and challenged. They need to stop the rhetoric and join the Right in its fight against the Left’s cultural and political Marxism.
We need to stand united against the leftist tyrannical aggression cloaking itself in the revolutionary garbs of resistance or even the preening dress of so-called principles. The Right needs to remember who the real enemy is, and it’s not the current president of the United States.
Denise C. McAllister is a journalist based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and a senior contributor to The Federalist. Follow her on Twitter @McAllisterDen.

Former Clinton Adviser: Democratic Party’s ‘Technocratic Speak’ Turning Off Voters

Hillary Clinton speaks after losing the New Hampshire primary on Feb. 9, 2016, in Hooksett, N.H. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)
WASHINGTON – Alec Ross, a former senior adviser to Hillary Clinton, said the Democratic presidential campaign’s ideas were not “digestible to blue-collar America” and suggested that the party use less “technocratic speak” in the future.
PJM asked Ross, who was the former secretary of State’s senior adviser for innovation, if the Democratic Party should change its positions on certain issues to win back blue states that flipped from President Obama to President Trump.
“Our party has become too technocratic and too incrementalist and we need big, bold ideas that people in West Virginia, western Michigan and Pennsylvania can see themselves in. I think they have really pushed back against a lot of what they see as technocratic speak,” Ross said after a discussion about his book The Industries of the Future at Busboys and Poets in D.C.
“I think Bernie Sanders in certain respects had a lot of it right, where he called for things like free college – which may not be at all feasible, but the reason why it was appealing, in part, was because it was big, bold and un-nuanced. And I think we’ve become too much the party of technocratic incrementalism, which just does not resonate with blue-collar America,” he added.
Trump promised to bring back manufacturing jobs and coal jobs to states like West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Ross was asked if the Democratic Party is going to be able to gain more support from blue-collar workers while advocating for government investment in green technology.
“Ultimately, the White House is not ours and it’s not going to be ours soon, so ultimately I think there’s an opportunity for governors to show what can be done on a statewide basis, to show how this actually works,” he said.
“Blue collar workers, they want to see the jobs, they’re like ‘show me the jobs, show me the results,’ so we have to take some of our technocratic pie-in-the-sky ideas and produce some truck rolls – like we have to actually enact some of these ideas of ours on the state level to demonstrate how they can actually produce real jobs with good wages,” he added.

Last year, Politico reported that Ross was playing “a key role” in managing the Clinton campaign’s technology policy advisory network.
Ross, a distinguished visiting fellow at Johns Hopkins University, told PJM he had a role in policy discussions on the Clinton campaign as a volunteer but that he was “not omniscient.”
“I would say that ultimately a shortcoming of the policy products coming out of the Clinton campaign was in part because they were not digestible to blue-collar America; you know, there were too many commas and semicolons and it missed them, and so I think the ideas themselves weren’t always bad but sometimes they lack sufficient boldness and they were overly nuanced and overly parsed in terms of how they were communicated,” he said.

When President Obama’s National Security Advisor Lied, The Media Laughed

When President Obama’s National Security Advisor Lied, The Media Laughed

It’s somewhat ironic that this email was disclosed the same day the anti-Trump universe was spinning into the stratosphere over Michael Flynn’s resignation as President Trump’s national security advisor.

Buried deep beneath the Michael Flynn hysteria this week was Judicial Watch’s release of newly obtained State Department documents related to the Benghazi terrorist attack on September 11, 2012. One email confirms—again—that the Obama administration knew the day after the attack it was not a random act of violence stemming from an anti-Muslim video. That was the excuse shamefully propagated by top Obama administration officials (including the president himself) and swallowed whole by a media establishment desperate to help Obama win re-election six weeks later.
According to the summary of a call on September 12, 2012 between State Department Under-Secretary Patrick Kennedy and several congressional staffers, Kennedy was asked if the attack came under cover of protest: “No this was a direct breaching attack,” he answered. Kennedy also denied the attack was coordinated with the protests in Cairo over the video: “Attack in Cairo was a demonstration. There were no weapons shown or used. A few cans of spray paint.”
It’s somewhat ironic—galling?—that this email was disclosed the same day the anti-Trump universe was spinning into the stratosphere over Flynn’s resignation as President Trump’s national security advisor. It begs for a little trip down memory lane, to a kinder, gentler time when the media gave a great big pass to another national security advisor in the days after four Americans, including an ambassador, were murdered in Libya by Islamic terrorists under her watch.

Lying to Us Only Matters If We Dislike You

Fun fact: While Trump press secretary Sean Spicer fielded 55 questions on February 14 related to the Flynn debacle, Obama’s press secretary Jay Carney received only 13 questions from reporters on September 12, 2012, three of which were set-ups to blast Mitt Romney’s criticism of the administration after the attack. 55 to 13.
So as we now suffer through yet another patch of media mania, conspiracy theories, and unsubstantiated claims about how Trump hearts Russia, as well as the daily beatings endured by Spicer, let’s reminisce to when the media and Obama’s press flaks spun, deflected—even joked about golf and “Saturday Night Live!”—less than a week after Benghazi.
The day after Hillary Clinton’s deputy had that call with key Capitol Hill staffers, including advisors to senators Durbin, Feinstein, and McGaskill, to dispute the notion the attack was about an anti-Muslim video, here’s what Carney said: “I think it’s important to note with regards to that protest that there are protests taking place in different countries across the world that are responding to the movie that has circulated on the Internet. As Secretary Clinton said today, the United States government had nothing to do with this movie. We reject its message and its contents. We find it disgusting and reprehensible.”
On September 14, hours before the remains of the Benghazi victims would arrive at Andrews Air Force Base, Carney was still blaming the video. Just steps from the Oval Office, Carney opened his briefing with this: “First of all, we are obviously closely monitoring developments in the region today. You saw that following the incidents in response to this video, the president directed the administration to take a number of steps to prepare for continued unrest.”
Carney went on to mention the video/film/movie another 30 times during his briefing. He stuck with his story even after some reporters pushed back, citing other sources who said it was indeed a pre-mediated attack. One reporter said several senators admitted the “attack on Benghazi was a terrorist attack organized and carried out by terrorists, that it was premeditated, a calculated act of terror,” and asked Carney, “is there anything more you can — now that the administration is briefing senators on this, is there anything more you can tell us?”
Carney: “Again, it’s actively under investigation, both the Benghazi attack and incidents elsewhere. And my point was that we don’t have and did not have concrete evidence to suggest that this was not in reaction to the film. But we’re obviously investigating the matter…” Who cares, Sean Spicer called Justin Trudeau Joe, OMG!

Susan Rice’s Audacity of Trope

But of course nothing matches the audacity of trope by Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice on September 16, 2012. Rice went on several Sunday shows to peddle a story she knew was completely phony, one that was already quickly unraveling even as most in the media and administration tried to keep it intact.
You can read most of her comments here, but Rice repeats the line that Benghazi attack was not premediated and was connected to the demonstrations in Cairo over the video (a document obtained by Judicial Watch last year shows Hillary Clinton met with Rice a few days before her television appearances). Which presidential administration is fact-challenged, again?
In a press gaggle on Air Force One the next day, guess how many times Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest was asked about Rice’s comments? Ten? Five? One? Not once. Let me repeat that. The day after Obama’s national security advisor was on five news programs to blame a terrorist attack on a YouTube video, not one reporter asked the White House about it. I actually had to re-read the transcripts several times, even checking the date over and over, to make sure this was accurate. Her name did not even come up.
No discussion about the investigation. No discussion about emerging evidence from around the world that Benghazi was indeed a terrorist attack. (The only time it was mentioned was when Jen Psaki criticized Mitt Romney’s comments about how the administration handled Benghazi and questioned whether he was ready for “primetime.”)
Here’s what they did discuss: Debate prep, Occupy Wall Street, and the Chicago’s teachers strike. An actual human reporter asked this: “It was a beautiful weekend for golf and he wasn’t out on the course. Is it safe to assume maybe he was doing some preparation at the White House?” WHAT? Then they joked about football and “Saturday Night Live.”
Sometimes the hypocrisy, double standard, and outright lies by the media under the Trump presidency is funny. Sometimes it is infuriating. But never was the media’s complicit sheep-like coverage more evident than it the days after Benghazi, behavior you can never imagine now. They have yet to admit their mistakes and failures, even as more evidence is revealed.
Remember that the next time you want to worry about how Trump is responsible for undermining the media’s integrity and credibility.
Julie Kelly is a National Review Online contributor and food policy writer from Orland Park, Illinois. She's also been published in the Wall Street JournalChicago Tribune, Forbes, and The Hill.

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Nestle Leaves California to Get Away from Anti-Capitalist Lawmakers and Activists

Nestle Leaves California to Get Away from Anti-Capitalist Lawmakers and Activists

The exodus from the Golden State continues.


The exodus out of the Golden State continues with Nestle USA being the latest business to pack up its operation in Glendale, California and relocate in business-friendly Rosslyn, Virginia as a means to escape the grasp of anti-capitalist lawmakers and activists. In doing so, the candy corporation will enjoy $16 million in tax incentives not available previously.
Inverstor’s Business Daily’s Terry Jones writes:
[A]part from having higher taxes, absurd housing costs and more regulations than nearly any other state, California’s wacky laws have turned the Golden State into a venue of choice for activist groups to file costly class action lawsuits — or to launch anti-corporate PR campaigns against big, wealthy targets like Nestle.
In recent years, Nestle has faced two such activist-led actions, both spurious: One involves allegations that Nestle improperly documented its anti-slave-labor policies. Not that it employed slave labor, it just didn’t document it online.
This and other types of “corporate harassment” are helped by “top officials and local politicians — virtually all of them far-left progressive Democrats — [who] actively despise capitalism,” Jones adds.
Jones says California is one of the “worst places to do business in America.” That proud distinction not only comes from these crazed activists but also the passing of laws like Proposition 30, which essentially targeted the pay of the state’s highest earners to bleed even more taxes out of them. 
The Blaze notes:
According to a report by business relocation expert Joseph Vranich, from 2008 through 2015, at least 1,687 California companies moved operations out of the state.
Toyota shifted its U.S. headquarters and thousands of jobs from Torrance to Dallas, while global oil giant Occidental Petroleum moved its corporate HQ from Los Angeles to Houston, reports IBD.
At this rate, California is seceding itself right out of the union before residents can even cast a vote. But other states will gladly take their fallout. In the years between 2004 and 2013, over one million California residents left, taking their $26 billion in taxes with them.

President Trump Has Been Far Too Nice To The Mainstream Media

President Trump Has Been Far Too Nice To The Mainstream Media

Kurt  Schlichter
Posted: Feb 20, 2017 12:01 AM

The sequel to that stupid mommy porn bondage movie is now in theaters, giving naughty thrills to bored housewives whose liberal husbands can’t cut it manwise, but the real festival of S&M was in the White House as President Trump unleashed his iron discipline on the media. Call it Fifty Shades of Orange.

It wasn’t a press conference – it was a kinky dungeon session where masochistic journalists eagerly sought out the delicious pain Master T was dealing. Hack after hack stepped up, tried to play “gotcha.” and ended up whimpering in the fetal position. The best part was CNN’s Jim Acosta, fresh from whining about how conservative outlets now get to ask questions too, basically handing Trump the cat-o-nine tails. Dude, next time keep from talking yourself into more public humiliation by biting down on the ball gag.

The media’s safe word is “Objectivity,” but none of them uttered it.

The wonderful thing about Trump – and the thing that sets the Fredocons and wusspublicans fussing – is that he gives exactly zero damns about the media’s inflated and ridiculous self-image. He doesn’t pay lip service to their lie that they are anything but what Instapundit calls “Democratic Party operatives with bylines.” Trump called them the “the enemy of the American People,” to which normals responded with “Yeah, sounds about right.”

Trump sees them as the enemy, which they are, and he calls them what they are, just like he calls radical Islamic terrorists “radical Islamic terrorists” instead of generic “extremists” who shout “Allah Akbar!” as they commit acts of “workplace violence” whose motives remain elusive and unknowable. It would be ironic that the media hates it when a politician tells the truth, except no one still believes the media is in the truth business.

The press conference provided a great excuse for one of the media’s periodic freakouts about pretend oppression. After all, the best press is Threatened by Fascism Press, where the pampered members of the Fourth Estate get to play the heroic resistance to huge, shadowy forces intent on stilling their voices and suppressing truth and justice. Except the media might come off as a bit more sincere about freedom of speech if it spared even a fraction of its ostentatious current concern for itself for the conservatives being silenced and beaten at Berkeley while the police stood back, under orders to let it happen. Oh, and it would be more convincing if the media did not eagerly support overturning a Supreme Court ruling that said that the government could not stop people from showing a movie critical of Hillary Clinton. I’m not saying my novel People’s Republic’s depiction of a lapdog press serving the liberal fascist elite in post-secession blue America represents the media’s desired end-state, but all the evidence supports that the media’s desired end-state is totally to serve as the lapdog of a liberal fascist elite in a post-secession blue America.

Only a fevered hive mind, poisoned by unearned self-regard and a delusional sense of its own moral superiority, could seriously equate a politician pointing out the obvious fact that today’s reporters are mostly lying, incompetent jerks with Hitlerian press censorship. Tell you what – I’ll believe you when the National Guard shows up to shut down CNN by padlocking the makeup room.

Except, according to the AP, the National Guard is busy preparing to be unleashed upon the photogenic honor student dreamers who the press tells us make up the undocumented friend community – when they aren’t murdering us or voting, which our ink-stained guardians assure us totally never ever happens, and Trump lies, plus you’re a racist. Another day, another example of Fake News. My favorite part of this particular press foot-shoot was getting lectured on the intricacies of the Posse Comitatus Act by 25-year old media savants whose military experience consists of pestering their dorm mates about Call of Duty’s cartoon guns being phallocentric and how the game is insufficiently welcoming to the trans perspective.

In any case, the whole National Guard v. Aliens story was yet another giant lie in that seemingly endless series of giant lies we call “the News,” but don’t think it made the press go into spasms of reflection or self-criticism. No, those bloodhounds pivoted right back to the important stuff, like sniffing out whether someone in the West Wing might have uttered some vaguely complimentary words about Ivanka’s line of shoes. In the meantime, this lie opened the floodgates and released a horde of mouth-breathing liberals slandering our National Guard warriors as Nazis on Twitter. Thanks, media – nothing I love better than seeing my former troops’ reputations made collateral damage of your quest to bring down a president you resent because he was elected without your approval.

It’s all so pathetic, and the clich├ęs are so hackneyed. As always, there was the “Will You Denounce X?” Guy, rolling out the usual demand that Trump “denounce” some misbehavior he has nothing to do with in what everyone who isn’t an utter moron or in Congress sees as a cheesy ploy to associate the innocent respondent with said misbehavior. The day after Israel’s leader rhapsodized about Trump’s friendship for the Jewish people, Trump’s somehow obligated to concede the implicit charge that he’s secretly ant-Semitic? It’s stupid, it’s a lie, and it’s wonderful that Trump refused to play along with this tired, hack tactic.

Then there’s the Russians/Flynn nonsense, a non-story that America non-cares about. Oh, there’s a real story there, but the press isn’t interested in that. Here’s the real story – the intelligence community under the Obama administration was obviously eavesdropping on Trump’s campaign in violation of practically every law ever written. Whether it was direct tapping of phones and emails, or illegally accessing the communications swooped up by the NSA in its nets, it’s clear that Obama’s people were spying on Obama’s political opponents. The transcript excerpts of Flynn’s phone call with the Russian diplomat leaked because it could be played off as targeting the Russian, though this was still an outrageous disclosure of American spying capabilities. What these criminals can’t do is release the communications between Americans that they possess because doing that confirms what we all know – that Obama’s people spied on his political opponents like his IRS persecuted them. The only question really is what did Obama know, and when did he know it – interestingly, on his way out the door, Obama made it easy to hide the source of the leaks by opening up access to the information across a bunch of agencies. There’s your story, a scandal that makes Watergate seem microscopic, and the mainstream media will not touch it because it would destroy the media’s political allies.

But wait, what about Trump’s bathrobe? Better flood the zone, stat!

Now, the media could try something new, like being objective and covering issues people care about. It could stop making every single question some sort of gotcha ploy designed to generate a viral clip. Normals tire of these antics; they want information that affects their lives. How about a question like “Mr. President, the market is up 10 percent since the election. Where do you expect it to go from here and why?” That’s not a softball question just because it recognizes that Trump has a success; it seeks information that every American with an IRA or 401(k) wants to know. Sexy? No. Useful? Yes. Oh, and it also totally undercut’s Trump’s ability to make the question about the press – I actually wonder how he would respond to a non-hostile, reasonable question because, outside of Katie Pavlich, I‘ve never seen him asked one.

But the media won’t learn, which is why it needs to die and be reborn as something that isn’t the hacky lackey of one of the political parties. Until then, the mainstream media will just keep on begging “Thank you Mr. President, may I have another?” and Trump will happily keep on delivering.

Trump may have been unclear, but Sweden experiencing a migrant crime wave

Trump may have been unclear, but Sweden experiencing a migrant crime wave

Is it a dream or a nightmare on illegal immigration?
Police investigator Peter Springare isn’t likely to be among those mocking President Trump for his remarks about refugees in Sweden.
Trump’s comments during a Florida campaign rally on Saturday – which some took as a misstatement about a supposed terror attack – dovetail with what Springare has been seeing during a typical week in Orebro, Sweden. Five rapes, three assaults, a pair of extortions, blackmail, an attempted murder, violence against police and a robbery made up Springare’s caseload for a five-day period earlier this month, according to a Feb. 3 Facebook post he wrote. The suspects were all from Muslim-majority countries – Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia and Turkey – save for one Swedish man nabbed in a drug-related case.
“Mohammed, Mahmod, Ali, again and again,” Springare wrote of those arrested.
Springare, who was briefly investigated for possible hate crime incitement based on his post, managed to elucidate what Trump only hinted at during a Florida campaign speech – somewhat opaquely.
“You look at what’s happening last night in Sweden,” Trump said. “Sweden. Who would believe this? Sweden. They took in large numbers. They’re having problems like they never thought possible.”
Many analysts took issue with Trump’s “last night” framing, and immediately compared the line to recent misstatements by Trump spokespeople, such as counselor Kellyanne Conway’s infamous“Bowling Green Massacre” blunder.
But Trump explained on Twitter late Sunday that he was only referring to a Fox News segment that aired on Friday night’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” dealing with the Swedish refugee crime.
“It seems like we may be missing the point of the story, which is there has been a massive social cost associated with the refugee policies and the immigration policies of Western Europe,” Carlson said on “Fox & Friends” on Monday morning.
He added: “Fifty years of immigration policy is coming to flower in Europe. We’re not paying any attention. We’re not drawing any of the obvious lessons from it. It's not working. That's the real point here. ”
Trump tweeted again on Monday morning, blasting media outlets that failed to report on Sweden's migrant crime epidemic. 
"Give the public a break - The FAKE NEWS media is trying to say that large scale immigration in Sweden is working out just beautifully. NOT!" Trump wrote.
Fox News reached out to the Swedish Embassy for comment, however, the building was closed for President's Day. The embassy did tweet back to Trump on Sunday: "We look forward to informing the US administration about Swedish immigration and integration policies."
Last month, the police chief for the southern Swedish city of Malmo issued a desperate plea for help curtailing a plague of attempted murders, beatings and rapes. About 32 percent of Malmo’s occupants are migrants, although it is not clear what role migrants play in the crime wave.
“We cannot do it on our own,” Chief Stefan Sinteus wrote in an open letter about the “upward spiral of violence.”
And Sinteus is not merely dealing with typical crimes that any modern city would witness.
Malmo had 52 hand grenade attacks in 2016 alone, a jump from 48 attacks in 2015, according to figures provided by the Swedish Police Authority.
Nationwide, the terror threat level is at “elevated” and police believe at least 300 Swedish nationals have travelled to Syria and Iraq for jihadi training. On Feb. 11, a Swedish man and a Danish man were arrested in Turkey, suspected of plotting to carry out attacks in Europe. Tofik Saleh, a 38-year-old Swedish citizen of Iraqi origin, had been training with ISIS since 2014, officials said.
On the same day Springare posted his screed, a Swedish court turned over to Belgium evidence – seized in Malmo – in connection with the 2016 Brussels terror attacks, prosecutors said.
Sweden has taken in 650,000 asylum-seekers during the past 15 years – including 163,000 in 2015 alone, The Spectator reported. Of those refugees, 35,000 were unaccompanied children – or at least claimed to be. The children – mostly males from Afghanistan and Somalia – are only identified as minors by the age the applicant gives. The only time an applicant-provided age is rejected is if it’s “obviously” untrue, though there’s no clear definition of “obviously.” The Spectator interviewed asylum-seekers who admitted to lying about their age to improve their chances of avoiding deportation.
Carlson warned this mass influx of migrants, many of whom are uneducated and jobless, has begun to alter the face – and crime rates – of countries such as Sweden.
“[The integration policy] hasn’t worked very well, at all,” Carlson said. “And it’s in the process of totally changing these ancient cultures into something different and much more volatile and much more threatening, so what are the lessons we should draw from this? That’s the conversation we should have.”