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And Now The Left’s War On Normal Americans Truly Begins

And Now The Left’s War On Normal Americans Truly Begins

And Now The Left’s War On Normal Americans Truly Begins

President-elect Donald Trump replaces President Faily McWorsethancarter Friday, but we’re not going to be able to Netflix and chill in the fight for freedom. The left and its establishment allies are desperate to regain the power they see slipping away, and we need to understand that the only way to stop them is to beat them to a pulp and leave them whimpering in the fetal position, crying out for their genderfluid mommies.

The left’s strategy is simple – deny normal Americans normalcy. After all, that’s what we really want, a return to normal. We haven’t experienced real normal since the Democrats denied the legitimacy of W’s election in 2000 – you know, during one of those time frames when denying the legitimacy of the president was cool, a phenomenon that coincidentally only occurs whenever a Republican wins. Then came 9/11 followed by 15-plus years of botched wars and economic decline, along with an unprecedented cultural offensive against normal Americans. Once the only place you heard that average Americans were racist sexist homophobic everythingist everythingphobic was on college campuses; now, with the active assistance of Obama and his collaborators, it’s everywhere – in our entertainment, in the media, in our faces.

And we’re sick of it. #ThisIsWhyYouGotTrump

We want to return to normality, and in an ironic twist of fate it was Donald Trump, the most unnormal guy imaginable, who promised it. Hillary Clinton promised more war and more weakness, more of the same economic malaise that has left most of America suffering, and much, much more of the same cultural scolding and calculated oppression of anyone so subhuman as to not live in a city and believe there are only two sexes. Trump committed to return to America’s normal state of economic prosperity, to America’s normal state of military supremacy abroad, to America’s normal state of self-confidence in our own exceptionalism. And we wanted to go back to a time where creepy activists weren’t trying to shoehorn men in skirts into our little girls’ locker rooms.

Normalcy. It’s what we want, and liberals want to deny it to us in order to doom Donald Trump and reopen their path back into power.

So how will they do it? Constant resistance at every turn. They will ignore norms and rules – remember, norms and rules are only supposed to constrain us. They will lie, cheat, and engage in any conduct that they believe will help their hateful cause. A huge part of the progressive effort will go toward policing their own for any weakness or faltering in their lockstep opposition to everything Trump and the GOP do. Take that, Springsteen cover band! How dare you perform the Boss’s hackneyed anthems for the president? The good thing is we will get to watch four to eight years of the left devouring itself. I’m already stockpiling the popcorn.

In Washington, there are Democrats whose constituents supported Trump and want him to succeed. In a normal world, these would-be moderates might cooperate and compromise with the GOP majority to influence policy, but their own party absolutely will not let them do that now. The hard left activists are in control, and they will crush any dissent. So the Democrats who might have moderated and played along now have to defy their party to do so knowing the activists will not be forgiving. And it’ll be wonderful watching the Dems kneecap their 2018 candidates to force utterly symbolic losing party line votes on cabinet appointments and on things like the Obamacare repeal.

This is great for us. It will force the Dems in moderate or even red areas to fall even further out of step with their voters – something that has cost the Dems over a thousand seats across the country since Obama was sworn in. In 2018, something like 25 Democrats or Dem-voting independents are up for election to the Senate, many in moderate areas. If Trump is seen as succeeding, especially on the economy, that could make the midterms a Democrat bloodbath. A wonderful, delicious bloodbath.

Then there is the cultural fight. In Hollywood, the left is piling on anyone who refuses to completely reject Trump and, by extension, all of us normals. Look at Nicole Kidman, who the fascists attempted to crucify for simply saying what Hillary Clinton had been saying right up until she lost – that you ought to accept the legitimacy of the winner. Look at the death threats against a blind opera singer. Look at those clowns lecturing us at their awards shows/narcissism orgies. As the left always does, it is relying on fear to enforce its creepy conformity.

It will work for a bit, especially since most entertainers today are craven wusses – in World War II, Jimmy Stewart left stardom to fly B-24s over Ludwigshafen. Now, adverse election results make them flee to Arizona to commune with rocks. Many entertainers will decide to lower their profiles in order to avoid the Hollywood Gestapo, but normals won’t like the bullying. Normals generally think people should be allowed to say what they want, and they generally think you should respect the president even if you didn’t vote for him – pretty much what Nicole Kidman said. Do you think more normal people or fewer will be going to the next Meryl Streep movie? Sure, her target demographic of loveless cat women will always show up to watch her talk in a funny accent, but the rest of us? Hard pass.

Then there is the fake moral posturing. We will see plenty of this tactic, and we need to laugh at it. The notion that because John Lewis got beat up by fellow Democrats a half century ago somehow immunizes him from criticism for his cheesy lies about and general scumminess toward Republicans today is a joke. It’s always fun to watch liberals unilaterally designate “heroes” and inform us we’re not allowed to say anything negative about their antics. When John McCain was running what could only in the loosest sense of the word be called a campaign against Obama, the left wasn’t enforcing the Hero Exemption on his behalf. That only became a thing again when it became a useful thing again after Trump ignored it. Democrats don’t get to choose my heroes, or yours, and we need to aggressively reject this tiresome gambit.

What about the lying mainstream media? Those hacks – no one’s listening to them anymore. Still, every day every story is going to be about the tyranny that is Trump, except there won’t be any actual tyranny. Homelessness is going to make a big comeback now that Obama is gone. Everything will hit women, minorities, and men claiming to have uteruses hardest. No one cares. In pulling this same nonsense, the dying media will only hasten its own, long-overdue, demise. Hey media, remember those false perv stories about Trump – who do you think suffered a net loss of credibility, him or you?

Then there are the boycotts. Now, wussy corporate leaders will often roll over when a bunch of leftists tell them what to do. But it gets old. Eventually, companies are going to realize that you can’t succeed when you are alienating at least half of the population. Plus now we have a president who will not hesitate to call out dirtbags. A couple tweets from the president about companies who are dissing his supporters and that may reorient their priorities. Now, do we want a president directing his people away from private companies that engage in policies he dislikes? In theory, no. But now that you libs have changed the rules, hell yes! We need to deal the pain right back at them – it’s the only way they will learn.

A key problem with the liberal resistance strategy is that constant activism is exhausting. It’s even exhausting to watch – normal people are already tuning out the daily deluge of anti-Trump fake news in the lying mainstream media. The liberal strategy is to turn everything up to 11, but you can’t do that for four years. While the hardcore left is invested in its hatred of our new president, most of America is not. They don’t want every waking hour of their lives spent listening to people whine about Trump, especially when they generally like what he’s doing. The fact is Trump is already doing well. The market is up. He’s getting commitments for new jobs from big companies. Obamacare is getting a stake through its putrid heart. And the normals are going to tune out of the hate and reelect him to spite you liberal twerps.

Saturday, January 21, 2017



This is what yesterday’s “protests” against the Trump inauguration looked like:
The “protesters” also set a limousine on fire and threw concrete blocks at police officers, yelling “put the pigs in the ground.”
None of this is surprising. This is what leftist protesters–read, criminals–always do. And yet, how did the Associated Press characterize the demonstrators just hours before they started smashing windows and attacking policemen? “Protesters make their mark on Trump’s inauguration.”
Calling out Donald Trump on climate change, race, his treatment of women and more, protesters pitching diverse causes but united against the incoming president demonstrated in the early hours of Inauguration Day, intent on making their mark as Trump prepared to take office.”
“Calling out” implies that they have a point.
Spirited demonstrations…
Spirited! See video above.
…unfolded at various security checkpoints near the Capitol as police in riot gear helped ticket-holders get through to the inaugural ceremony. Signs read “Resist Trump Climate Justice Now,” “Let Freedom Ring,” “Free Palestine.”
All sentiments with which the AP agrees.
The DisruptJ20 coalition, named after the date of the inauguration, had promised that people participating in its actions in Washington would attempt to shut down the celebrations, risking arrest when necessary.
Can you imagine the tone with which the AP would have written about demonstrators who “called out” Barack Obama and attempted to “shut down” his inaugural in 2009? I can’t, actually. Of course, no such thing happened.
At one checkpoint, protesters wore orange jumpsuits with black hoods over their faces to represent prisoners in U.S. detention at Guantanamo Bay. Eleanor Goldfield, who helped organize the Disrupt J20 protest, said protesters wanted to show Trump and his “misguided, misinformed or just plain dangerous” supporters that they won’t be silent.
Black Lives Matter and feminist groups also made their voices heard.
The AP thinks all of this is swell. Its reporters and editors generally agree with the protesters, as they describe them.
Along the parade route, the ANSWER Coalition anti-war group planned demonstrations at two locations.
ANSWER is not anti-war, it is pro-Communist. It is never described accurately in the press.
The AP assures us that the demonstrations unfolding in D.C. are an American tradition:
Jim Bendat, an expert on inaugural history, said significant protests surrounding Inauguration Day go back at least to 1913, when suffragettes marched down Pennsylvania Avenue.
The criminals you see in the video are just like the suffragettes.
Richard Nixon’s first and second inaugurations drew memorable protests, he said, with demonstrators at the second inauguration angry about the Vietnam War. During President George W. Bush’s 2001 inauguration, demonstrators along the parade route turned their backs as the president passed by and others held signs like “Hail to the thief,” suggesting Bush had stolen the election from Democrat Al Gore. At least one egg thrown from the crowd hit the presidential limousine. In 2005, demonstrators disrupted Bush’s inaugural address.
Do you notice a pattern here?
Bendat said it’s to be expected that after such a contentious election, demonstrators will come to Washington to express their opinions.
“That’s part of democracy, too,” he said.
Attempting to “shut down” an inaugural is not “part of democracy.” But leftist violence is always whitewashed by liberal news outlets like the Associated Press.
After the fact, the AP updated its report on the “spirited,” American-as-apple-pie demonstrators to acknowledge fires, bricks and smashed windows by protesters “registering their rage against the new president.” 

Stop Pretending The Obama Administration Was ‘Scandal Free.’ It Wasn’t

Obama's 'squeaky-clean' reputation will soon be the only shred of his legacy 
liberals can hold onto, but even that is a lie.  
Bre Payton
In his final few days in office, President Obama and his pals have been frantically spinning his tenure in the White House as a “scandal-free” eight years.
Just watch this exchange between CNN’s Jake Tapper and White House chief of staff Denis McDonough on Sunday in which McDonough claims the Obama administration has been free of scandal.
McDonough’s rhetoric echoes that of President Obama, who said last week he was the first president in modern history that “hasn’t had a major scandal in the White House.” You can also watch this video montage of Obama and friends repeatedly insisting his tenure was “scandal free.”
So. Much. Spin. It’s almost as if Obama realizes that his legacy — which is comprised largely of executive orders that can easily be undone under a new president — is toast. To suggest an enduring legacy his team wants folks to fixate on his “scandal-free” administration because President-elect Donald Trump has said he plans to tear up the Iran nuclear deal and will work with Congress to repeal Obama’s signature health care law, effectively erasing two of Obama’s largest “accomplishments.”
To his credit, Obama wasn’t caught having an extramarital affair with a White House intern, but that doesn’t mean he or his administration were free of scandal. The helpful folks over at Grabien have compiled a list of the Obama administration’s worst scandals and gaffes. So far there are 730 of them, but for the sake of space and time, I’m going to highlight five of the worst.

1. Fast and Furious

Remember “Fast and Furious,” the Bureau of Alcohol Firearms and Tobacco’s illicit gun-running operation that used tax dollars to funnel guns into the hands of Mexican drug lords? The ATF was reportedly using the operation as part of a campaign to push for additional gun control measures. This operation eventually led to the deaths of at least two American border patrol agents and the whistleblower who spilled the beans was later fired by the ATF, a move he says was politically motivated and part of an effort to punish him for going public. To this day, more than 1,000 guns remain missing as a result of this scandal.
This shouldn’t need to be said: restricting Americans’ constitutional right to bear arms is not what the president, or his employees, should be doing. That two Americans were killed in such a constitutionally questionable operation makes it all the worse.

2. Benghazi

In 2011, Obama’s State Department left four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, to be killed by terrorists in Benghazi, Libya. In the weeks leading up to the attack, other countries withdrew their diplomatic presence from the region, but Secretary of State Hillary Clinton forced Americans to stay in a compound that did not have adequate security measures. She also ignored multiple requests for additional security from Stevens in the final moments of his life while he and his companions were in the midst of a deadly terror attack.
Afterwards, the Obama administration tried to cover up the true nature of the attack as part of backlash against an inflammatory video published online. In reality, Clinton knew the danger these men were in andsimply didn’t care. When they begged and pleaded for help, Obama’s State Department essentially shrugged and said “figure it out for yourselves.”

3. That Time Obama Pretended a Massive Oil Spill Wasn’t Happening

On April 23, 2010, the same day the U.S. Coast Guard pronounced 11 Deepwater workers dead, Barack and Michelle Obama headed to North Carolina for BBQ and a vacation. Obama didn’t visit the gulf area until May 2, several days after Gov. Bobby Jindal declared the region to be in a state of emergency. When he does finally visit, he leaves soon after to play golf.
This isn’t the only time Obama chose to have fun instead of visiting the site of a tragedy. He took two weeks to visit San Bernardino after terrorists killed 14 people. When he finally did visit the site of the deadliest terror attack on U.S. soil at that time, he only did so during a pit stop en route to his family’s annual vacation to Hawaii.

4. Obamacare

From the skyrocketing premiums to extremely long wait times in emergency rooms, Obama’s signature health-care law has been plagued with scandal after scandal. The rollout of was a huge disaster. The website, which was supposed to be a quick and easy way for Americans to shop and compare prices for insurance plans in the exchange marketplace, was a glitchy heap of garbage. As it turns out, one of the executives at CGI Federal, the company that received a no-bid contract to build the site, was a classmate of Michelle Obama — spurring many to suspect that cronyism and special interests plagued the project from start to finish.
Despite assurances from the president that “if you like your health care plan you can keep it,” millions of Americans lost their health insurance plans because Obamacare essentially outlawed them. Obama’s Health and Human Services then used the law tobully nuns and a Christian-owned businessesfor refusing to provide contraceptives to their employees on the grounds that it violated their conscience.

5. When Obama’s Tax Collectors Targeted Conservative Groups and Got Away With It

Under Obama, the IRS targeted conservative groups by flagging tax-exempt applications from organizations with conservative-sounding names to require additional screening. When individuals complained about how the IRS was intentionally ignoring applications from some groups, they were intimidated by the agency to keep their mouths shut.
The IRS’s treatment impeded many conservatives groups from getting off the ground, which may have had a major political impact: a 2013 study by the American Enterprise Institute concluded that the IRS’s actions may have swung the 2012 election. Yet at the height of the scandal, the federal agency decided to hand out more than $70 million in bonuses to the same paper-pushers who bullied conservative organizations.
In 2015, the Department of Justice announced that after a two-year-long investigation into the matter, they would do nothing about about it and that Lois Lerner, the woman allegedly responsible for the entire ordeal, was off the hook. Meanwhile the same Justice Department announced it would go after the undercover reporters who exposed Planned Parenthood’s organ harvesting scheme, yet would not look into whether or not the nation’s largest abortion provider did anything wrong.
President Obama’s tenure has not been without scandal. To pretend otherwise is not just embarrassing, but gaslights the struggles of those who have suffered at the hands of his carelessness and intolerance. It tells the family members of the Benghazi victims that their deaths were no big deal. It also sends a message to conservatives and religious Americans alike that the way they were personally victimized by factions of his administration is acceptable. Obama’s misdeeds need to be acknowledged to hold his administration and legacy responsible.
Bre Payton is a staff writer at The Federalist. Follow her on Twitter.

Donald Trump’s New World Order: What A Kissinger-Inspired Foreign Policy Might Look Like.

NIALL FERGUSON: Donald Trump’s New World Order: What A Kissinger-Inspired Foreign Policy Might Look Like.
Donald Trump therefore enters the Oval Office with an underestimated advantage. Obama’s foreign policy has been a failure, most obviously in the Middle East, where the smoldering ruin that is Syria—not to mention Iraq and Libya—attests to the fundamental naivety of his approach, dating all the way back to the 2009 Cairo speech. The President came to believe he had an ingenious strategy to establish geopolitical balance between Sunni and Shi’a. But by treating America’s Arab friends with open disdain, while cutting a nuclear deal with Iran that has left Tehran free to wage proxy wars across the region, Obama has achieved not peace but a fractal geometry of conflict and a frightening, possibly nuclear, arms race. At the same time, he has allowed Russia to become a major player in the Middle East for the first time since Kissinger squeezed the Soviets out of Egypt in the 1972-79 period. The death toll in the Syrian war now approaches half a million; who knows how much higher it will rise between now and Inauguration Day?
Meanwhile, global terrorism has surged under Obama. Of the past 16 years, the worst year for terrorism was 2014, with 93 countries experiencing an attack and 32,765 people killed. 2015 was the second worst, with 29,376 deaths. Last year, four radical Islamic groups were responsible for 74 per cent of all deaths from terrorism: ISIS, Boko Haram, the Taliban, and al-Qaeda.9 In this context, the President’s claims to be succeeding against what he euphemistically calls “violent extremism” are absurd. Much opprobrium has been heaped on Donald Trump in the course of the past year. But there was much that was true in his underreported August 15 foreign policy speech on the subject of Islamic extremism and the failure of the Obama Administration to defeat it.10
The “Obama Doctrine” has failed in Europe, too, where English voters opted to leave the EU in defiance of the President’s threats, and where the German leadership he recently praised has delivered, first, an unnecessarily protracted financial crisis in the European periphery and, second, a disastrous influx to the core of migrants, some but not all of them refugees from a region that Europe had intervened in just enough to exacerbate its instability. The President has also failed in eastern Europe, where not only has Ukraine been invaded and Crimea annexed, but also Hungary and now Poland have opted to deviate sharply from the President’s liberal “arc of history.” Finally, his foreign policy has failed in Asia, where little remains of the much-vaunted pivot. “If you look at how we’ve operated in the South China Sea,” the President boasted in an interview published in March, “we have been able to mobilize most of Asia to isolate China in ways that have surprised China, frankly, and have very much served our interest in strengthening our alliances.”11 The new President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, apparently did not receive this memorandum. In October he went to Beijing’s Great Hall of the People to announce his “separation from the United States.”
All of this means that merely by changing Obama’s foreign policy President Trump is likely to achieve at least some success.

Alright – Enough Already!

Alright – Enough Already!

 by John Schroeder
I was the most reluctant of Trump voters.  I kept hoping for some sort of divine intervention to give me a reasonable option, but it never came.  I have a great deal of sympathy and empathy  with those who wish someone else was being inaugurated today.  But, and this is a huge BUT!, the meltdown on the left over Trump has got to stop.  Disagree, debate, protest even, but the disbelief in the result and the efforts to delegitimize it have got to come to an end.
Here’s the thing – when you go too far you are not just dismissing Trump – you are dismissing those of us that voted for him – all of us, even reluctant Trump voters such as myself.  That is, and I hate to break this to you, a form of bigotry.  The descent of your demi-god Obama is being met not by the end of bigotry which was the grand hope of his presidency, but by a new bigotry.  Most news outlets are trying to treat this seriously, but any commentary, and certainly the comic news world of late night television, is treating this whole thing like a joke, like Trump voters are second-class citizens, like this is the temporary rise of the stupid.  I think Jesus said something about sin and throwing stones.
This I can promise you, the voters that put Trump over the top – we reluctant Trump voters – did so with great deliberation and purpose.  We are not stupid, we are not evolutionary throwbacks, and we are certainly not willing to be dismissed.  This choice was made by Americans, more like you than you want to admit.  I am sick and tired of the insult and degradation.  The more you do so, the more I find my normal moderation leaving me.  The more you speak of me and my fellow Trump voters as if we are somehow chimps that escaped the zoo and found our way to the voting booth, the more I find Trump’s campaign rhetoric that made it so difficult for me to vote for him to begin with, appealing.
In a very few hours Donald J. Trump will be the President of the United States.  Get used to it, you have at least four and probably eight years of it.  It is time to start acting like Americans.


THE UNRECOGNIZED ALLIANCE OF DEMOCRATS AND PUTIN. Reader Will Vine emails: “It’s the Democrats who are supporting Putin by supporting his efforts to delegitimize the American form of government by delegitimizing the election of Trump. Both the Democrats and Putin want to weaken the Trump administration; the former to improve their electability, the latter to weaken American influence around the world. Seems a win-win for them and dangerous for America.”
The sustained campaign right now to delegitimize Trump’s presidency before it’s even started is not just a disgraceful attack on Trump, who is quite capable of defending himself without my help.
It’s also a disgraceful attack on American democracy and freedom.
As Franklin D. Roosevelt said: ‘On each national day of inauguration since 1789, the people have renewed their sense of dedication to the United States.’
Friday should be a day when the country comes together, not a day when it splinters even further apart.
Trump, whether you voted for him or not, whether you love him or loathe him, is the democratically elected President of the United States.
If you refuse to accept it, then you flip the bird at democracy.
It’s only genuine democracy when they win.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Pardon Parade: Anti-American Spies and Terrorists

(AP photo)
There is so much outrage over President Obama’s commutation of the 35-year espionage sentence imposed on treasonous American soldier Bradley Manning (aka “Chelsea”), that his commutation last night of unrepentant terrorist Oscar Lopez-Rivera is just beginning to attract attention.
Lopez-Rivera is a FALN leader who was serving a combined 70 years in prison sentences for the Puerto Rican communist organization’s terrorist war against the United States and his multiple attempts to escape from custody.
The FALN carried out 130 attacks in the United States. Beyond the damage done, they resulted in six murders, including a lunch-hour bombing at Fraunces Tavern in lower Manhattan in January 1975, as recounted by Joe Connor, whose father was one of four men killed in the attack.
As Joe related in a Townhall column last year:
Before his arrest in May 1981, Lopez had been personally involved in numerous bombing and incendiary attacks, was a prime recruiter for members of the FALN, and was a key trainer in bombing, sabotage and other techniques of guerrilla warfare. A cooperating witness testified at his trial that Lopez taught him how to make bomb detonation devices and gun silencers. After Lopez’s capture, in his residence the FBI found a large quantity of dynamite and blasting caps.
Lopez was convicted of numerous violent felonies, including possession of an unregistered firearm, conspiracy to transport explosives with the intent to kill and injure people and to destroy government buildings and property, and aiding and abetting travel in interstate commerce to carry out arson.
And imprisonment was not the end to Lopez’s criminal activity. While in Leavenworth Penitentiary, he masterminded two plots to break out of prison, the second of which involved forcing a helicopter pilot to land in the prison yard, with grenades, rifle fire, and explosives to be used to deter guards from taking action to prevent the escape.
Lopez further instructed his compatriots to murder the seller of the weapons and equipment if he didn’t give them a fair price.
Naturally, Lopez-Rivera, like the FALN in general, became a cause célèbre on the left.

As Ronald Kolb explains at National Review, then-deputy attorney general Eric Holder helped President Bill Clinton engineer pardons/commutations for several of the terrorists in 1999 in hope of bolstering Hillary Clinton’s bid for a Senate seat in New York, which has a large Puerto Rican population. Lopez-Rivera did not get the pardon back then -- not that Clinton didn’t try. He alone refused to sign a statement expressing remorse for his atrocities; plus, Lopez-Rivera balked at the suggestion that, even if given a pass on the remainder of his 55-year terrorism sentence, he should serve out more of his 15-year attempted escape sentence (for a plot which, of course, had contemplated murdering federal prison guards).
And so is Oscar Lopez-Rivera.
Yet Democrats have lauded him, the last two Democratic administrations have abased themselves by negotiating with him, and now Obama has freed him.