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This Harvard Harris poll has lots of interesting results, pretty much all of which are positive for us conservatives. Among other things, it finds the GOP with a 51% favorability rating, compared with 43% for the Democrats. But I want to focus on voters’ perception of Joe Biden.

Anyone who pays attention knows that Biden is more or less senile. Yet the press has tried to gaslight Americans into thinking that somehow, things are normal at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Happily, most voters aren’t buying it. This survey finds 53% saying they have doubts about Biden’s mental fitness, and 62% believing he is too old to be president:

Thus, by 63% to 37%, respondents say Biden should not run for a second term. Don’t worry, he won’t.

I want to focus specifically on voters’ attitudes toward the Biden administration’s immigration policies. Illegal immigration is a huge issue for Republicans, as these numbers show. 75% of respondents say illegal immigration is a serious issue:

Two-thirds of voters say the Biden administration’s policies encourage illegal immigration, while 54% say Biden is creating an open border:

By 59% to 41%, voters say Biden has effectively opened the southern border and is not trying to enforce the immigration laws:

This tallies closely with a Rasmussen survey that was reported this morning. Rasmussen found that 51% of likely voters say the Biden administration is “purposefully encouraging illegal immigration,” while only 34% disagree.

These are explosive findings. If the anticipated red wave materializes in November, illegal immigration will be a big reason why.

The Harvard Harris poll contains lots more interesting findings, and is well worth reviewing in its entirety. For now, here are a few more. First, this finding sheds more light on voters’ skepticism of Joe Biden:

Joe Biden was not just “complicit in” Hunter’s activities, he was the entire point and no doubt the principal beneficiary of those activities. I will say it one more time: no one has ever bribed the useless wastrel Hunter Biden. The money was intended for Joe. And by two to one, voters say mere complicity is ground for impeachment. That suggests that House Republicans should start drawing up articles of impeachment if they take the majority in the fall.

Who are America’s most popular politicians? Actually, since most Americans don’t like politics or politicians, the question is who is least unpopular. Note that Ron DeSantis scores best at +4, with Tim Scott at +1 and Mike Pence at -1. Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Mike Pompeo, among others, do better than Joe Biden:

Finally, I can’t resist adding one more. Harvard/Harris asked respondents’ opinions of various organizations and institutions. The results are predictable: the military and police are at the top, along with Amazon (!). The FBI scores too high, as does the Centers for Disease Control, although I assume both of those numbers are down from historic highs. They certainly should be.

But note a few things: Black Lives Matter is under water at 42%/44%, with lots more room to fall. Twitter is unpopular at 34%/45%. But, most gloriously, Antifa ranks below China and just slightly above Russia in popular esteem. Who said the voters are stupid?

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