I would much appreciate it if you would concentrate on your own column and commentaries and stay the hell out of mine. Mr. Bachelor, as you well know, even if he is not an alias of yours as some suspect, is more than well equipped to speak for himself and does not need you or anyone else to demand an apology. It is apparent to me that you fail to appreciate the libelous nature of claims that many make on-line in the heat of the moment, including calling others out by name as liars, mentally deficient, depressed, and any variety of other indefensible untrue statements.

Perhaps I misinterpreted Mr. Bachelor's statement of my propensity of "taking folks to the showers with bread in my pockets" as a reference to Dachau - hence the perceived Nazi assignation, but this does negate his untruthful statement that I would deny him his dietary choices or recreational activities. I only suggested that hunting and gun sports be restricted, not outlawed. Such restrictions might include the types of weapons used, the areas and times of use, and the control responsible management of personal firearms to include mandatory security provisions and stiff consequences should the weapons be unregistered or find themselves used in the commission of a crime.

Nonetheless whatever readers have to say about my writing is really none of your business and I would hope that you will in the future refrain from extracting and publishing text from the my on-line commentary and thereby unnecessarily fanning flames of derision. The impact of your comments and those of Les Wolfe have a chilling effect on my first amendment rights of free speech despite your claims to respect and uphold such rights.

Thank you for your consideration,

Rick Mazzucchi

8570 State HWY 99E
Los Molinos, CA 96055

530 200-0656