Saturday, January 5, 2013

Spendaholics Anonymous Meets In D.C.

Spendaholics Anonymous Meets In D.C.

by John Hinderaker in Barack Obama, Federal Budget, Federal debt and deficit, Fiscal cliff

If there is one thing we know for sure about the federal government, it is that it spends way too much money–around $3.54 trillion in FY 2012, with a $1.1 trillion deficit. You would think that the man who presides over this mess, Barack Obama, would have the decency to be embarrassed. He has, after all, run up more than $4 trillion in debt in a mere four years. But no: Obama displays no concern at all about the fact that he has mortgaged your children’s future. On the contrary, he adopts a self-righteous tone toward those who are trying to preserve your children’s inheritance by reining in wanton federal spending. This betrays, I think, a pathological lack of moral understanding. Michael Ramirez comments:

I’m OK, you’re not: the starting point for negotiations in the Age of Obama.

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