Mr. Mazzucchi has descended into a new low where he uses the founders and The Constitution's words for a convoluted argument while exhibiting a disdain for it. And quite honestly, I haven't read such a greater example of contempt for it and the founders as I have right here.
His ignorant argument has our local "research engineer" exposed as lacking the facts, again. His research falls quite short of James Madison's Federalist #46.

It's easy to see the dishonesty here.
Mr. Mazzucchi is playing a con game as he writes the original intent of the Founders and The Constitution as being divine while prefering to completely reinvent and corrupt it at the same time.
This week Mr. Mazzucchi actually manages to type the words, "magnificence of our constitution", regardless the context.
What a disgusting display of dishonesty when it's qu...ite clear what he really thinks of The Constitution with his usual insistence that The Constitution is a much less dignified, "reinventable document".

I think this is one of the most bi-polar interpretations of The Second Amendment that is out there.
Mr. Mazzucchi views The Second Amendment as nothing more then a, "tyranny card" while dictating our recreational activities and our dinner menus.
So much for being a pacifist or having superior intellect as well. Mr. Mazzucchi supplies us with a disrespectful cheap shot from the depths of a depressed intellect.
We who Mr. Mazzucchi refers to as "insurrectionists" have held the Second Amendment for over 200 years and there hasn't been any tyranny. It hasn't happened! Again, nothing more psychological projection.

Mr. Mazzucchi the self proclaimed, "scientist" can reinvent The Constitution, and the government the founders envisioned. This ordinary con man wishes for all your guns, even your hunting firearms. He wants huge government and all it will give him from the sweat of others.
This weeks clever convolution that our three branches know best and are all trusting ignores reality in every direction. And again spits the faces of our founders who were quite clear in their views about trusting government.
It is a complete lack of respect to The Constitution to infer it should take back seat to the will of government. Yet, that is precisely the mindset of subversive Constitutional reinventionists.

Mr. Mazzucchi also says he's peaceful, a pacifist, and turns the other cheek. Hardly, it's a lie. Mr. Mazzucchi's contempt for the majority of Americans is nothing less then psychological projection as he paints law abiding gun owners as irresponsible, tyrannical, insurrectionists or something less then patriotic.

Our local Judas Goat wants your recreational habits, your taste for wild game, and ALL of your guns.
"Turning the other cheek" is nothing more then his perceived right to be up in your business poised to dictate much more then our menus and our recreational activities.

Mr. Mazzucchi has made it quite clear what he thinks of his fellow Americans, our Founders, and The Constitution. He's not at all above leading us to the showers with a snicker on his face and a piece of bread in his pocket.
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