Thursday, December 20, 2012

Don's Tuesday column--couple days late, sorry.

       THE WAY I SEE IT   by Don Polson      Red Bluff Daily News   12/18/2012

Outrage, anger only useful if on target

First, Sheriff Dave Hencratt is timely scheduled at the Tehama Tea Party Patriots meeting tonight, 6 PM at the Westside Grange. Anyone have any questions related to, I’m guessing, the availability of, and requirements for, concealed carry permits? Are you going to leave your and your family’s safety dependant on everyone else’s respect for the law? Recent events suggest that is a declining social quality.

Glitches at Polecat News and Views ( have remedied themselves, apparently. I still have no idea why the sidebar links and labels to posts going back to 2009 disappeared, let alone restored. Only the first pages of posts back to December 4 show but the entire archive of articles can be searched via labels, month and year links on the side.

For instance, someone might’ve read what I’ve posted under “socialism” or “socialism/fascism” before casting cheap shots and insults over my column from last week. I had the temerity to point out the fact that the lavish entitlements outside of Social Security and Medicare are encouraging dependency by many upon government-provided (that’s us taxpayers) food stamps, housing support, Medicaid, tax credits etc. “The Senate Budget Committee reports that total spending on means-tested federal programs, if divided by the number of households living below the official poverty line, works out to $168 per day … (while the) average American lives on $137 per day … If converted to cash payments, the hourly rate exceeds median income by 20 percent.” (

Social Security has been “pay-as-you-go,” not a retirement savings system, and is currently about $150 billion short between income and payments. Medicare spending per retiree will dwarf the payroll “contributions” by each said retiree and has exceeded the spending projected by its creators by a factor of about ten. And someone thinks I don’t get anything right? Really? At least my favorite U.S. Senator isn’t a socialist.

And now, while some self-styled intellectual giant may engage in picayune analysis of my sentence diagrams or parse my words and phrases (cue liberals unloading invective and ridicule), I have some thoughts on that horrible, reprehensible act of evil in Connecticut. After shaking my head and feeling my heart grieve, I moved on to some deep, righteous anger at that cold-blooded murderer, as well as other deserving targets.

Here, in no particular order, are some observations: In at least 2 of the recent shootings, the killer stole the gun or guns. Guns should be secured and kept away from the unbalanced among us, period. We, meaning myself, Cal Hunter and Earl Wintle, barely go a day on the Morning Show on KBLF, without noting some loser criminal on parole or probation, who is charged with being “a felon in possession of a concealed weapon” that they, of course, were legally prohibited from having, let alone carrying. These people will not pay heed to any law that the anti-gun politicians can formulate. The only people that will comply are already law-abiding.

Congressman Louie Gohmert was spot-on to say he wished the principal had an M-4 locked up and available to use against the killer. Heck, that school probably had a number of people on staff that would be willing to be trained and armed anonymously so that there would be something more lethal than their own bodies to throw at a homicidal shooter.

As they often do, he killed himself at the first sign of armed law enforcement. The killer at the Clackamas County, Oregon, mall killed himself upon seeing a young man bringing his own gun to bear. One of my favorite photos on the subject of school safety is a class of children gathered outside a building in Israel with their teacher. She had a purse hanging from one hand and a semi-automatic rifle slung over her shoulder. I guarantee you those Israeli children had no fear of their teacher’s gun; however, that nation’s response to ever-present threats is not likely to be America’s. I haven’t heard of any school shootings in Israel except where terrorists figure out how to avoid armed Israelis.

We routinely see these killers go places where they can expect to kill unopposed until police arrive – it takes seconds to kill but minutes for help to arrive. They don’t go shooting up, for instance, biker bars, or bars full of current, retired, or off-duty law enforcement, or pawnshops, gun shops or sporting goods stores. Do you recall the female volunteer church security guard at that Colorado church who shot an armed man that had been reportedly seen at another church? The only casualty was the bad guy.

Deranged murderers have killed and injured children with knives, dynamite (1920s in Michigan, with 45 dead, over 30 of them children) bombs (Russia) and a buried school bus (that was a foiled attempt). Self-defense is the only paramount guideline.

Media are not blameless when these mass-killers clearly are driven by a desire for notoriety that outlives them. No faces or names should be shown that might inspire the next killer.

I condemn President Obama for never shedding a tear over dead Mexicans that foreseeably resulted from his Fast and Furious gunrunning scheme. I condemn him for opposing, as an Illinois state senator, a law to codify the right of anyone to use a gun to defend themselves in their own home. He and Democrats have zero credibility on this entire subject. Buy your guns; get your permits; protect you and yours.

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