Saturday, March 4, 2023

Another Doctor Who Got Jabbed Multiple Times Loses It Over COVID Diagnosis

Another Doctor Who Got Jabbed Multiple Times Loses It Over COVID Diagnosis

AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell

We have another mini-freakout from a COVID test result. Yes, it’s from a medical professional still masking and getting endless doses of the coronavirus vaccine. 

Meet Dr. Deepti Gurdasani, a clinical epidemiologist who is also an intersectional feminist. She got infected and decided to go on a lengthy thread about her journey. She does not know where she picked up the pathogen, but it’s irrelevant. It’s an airborne virus whose prevalence peaks around the same time as cold and flu season. It’s something to behold because most don’t care anymore. There’s a reason why nations like Japan downgraded COVID. It’s no worse than the flu now, given the vast array of therapeutics. 

What triggered this thread is beyond me, but if it’s due to the stigma some inflict on others for catching a highly contagious airborne virus with a 99.8 percent survival rate, I don’t know what to tell you other than you’re mentally ill:

We don’t need an explainer. Tens of millions of people got COVID and survived. I’m sure Dr. Gurdasani will, too, although everyone has different symptoms. We don’t need to hear about the data points about masking or COVID boosters, either. Masking did not work, and the COVID vaccine was probably unnecessary for those who had already recovered from the infection. This is a free country, so these matters are personal, but the government decided to make it a more prominent issue when they threatened to fire people who didn’t want to get the vaccine, which might be linked to myocardial episodes among young Americans. This age group didn’t have people dropping dead until two years ago. I wonder what drug was introduced during that period.

Liberals always had this holier-than-thou attitude about COVID until they all got it during the Omicron surge. Then, it was terrible to stigmatize people who got infected. It was a clown show, and for people who still freak out over their test results, all I can say is to get over it. Also, stop testing. Mask mandates are over—no one is wearing them. Occupancy limits are nixed as well. We’re back to normal. I suggest you get with the program as well. If not, that’s fine, but you lose your right to lecture, which I know can be difficult for the left that adheres to a strict regimen of didacticism.

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