Tuesday, October 11, 2022

       THE WAY I SEE IT   by Don Polson  Red Bluff Daily News   10/11/2022

      Which apocalypse? Whose Armageddon?

It was the putative leader of the free world, PINO (President In Name Only) Joe Biden that told his choir of Democrat donors: “We have not faced the prospect of Armageddon since [President JFK] Kennedy and the [1962] Cuban missile crisis…I don’t think there’s any such thing as the ability to easily use a tactical nuclear weapon and not end up with Armageddon.”

According to the www.telegraph.co.uk, “His comments were made spontaneously rather than read from a piece of paper or teleprompter,” begging the observation, or question, as to who is in charge of the Executive branch of America’s government. Biden and his obviously enfeebled mental and verbal utterances, or the White House writers, minders, staff and revisionists left to calm the swirling waters?

French President Macron’s voice of sanity, “We must speak with prudence when commenting on such matters”; Finland’s Prime Minister Marin mildly rebuked Biden for his wonderment at what Putin’s “off-ramp” might be. Trump’s “mean tweets” and “big stick” (America’s power was undeniably respected) don’t look so bad. Americans justifiably scratch their heads in anxiety hearing that our government is stockpiling hundreds of millions of radiation sickness doses.

Current “chicken littles” issue apocalyptic “sky is falling” hysteria over impending climate doom. Quasi-religious “end is near” calls for society-wide “resets”—all business, energy, governmental, economic and personal practices must align with “sustainability” mandates never voted on by citizens—have risen to such forced conformity that the “Big Tech/Big Government” controllers brook no dissent.

From the same frightened advocates whose solutions quickly morph into despotic commands, we have similar apocalyptic pronouncements: “All is lost” if voters fail to heed their hysterical warnings against voting for Republicans in general, and Make America Great Again-conservatives in particular.

Given the Democrat-left’s “Tourette’s syndrome” spasmodic chirping of “abortion,” “abortion rights,” “radical anti-abortion fanatics,” they would have us believe white Christians are personally consigning women to Handmaid’s Tale-like forced births leading to lives of poverty and subjugation to men’s predations.

While single-motherhood=being poor, it never occurs to them that those most benefiting from the abortion industry are the men of the left (mostly), or simply men who’ve left behind their obligations, responsibilities, or the familial devotion that has sustained civilization and stabilized productive societies for millennia. L.A. joke: Why do valley girls use two kinds of contraception? Answer: To be for sure, for sure.

It’s a bottomless issue, where “skanks” and predators; impetuous, impulsive youths, and hypocrites abound; and some women suffer from rape, incest and health issues requiring abortions. Fanatics’ obsession aside, abortion is way down the list of issues driving voters, even though it (the overturning of Roe) did marginally accrue to Democrats’ favor. That was months ago and folks have adjusted to the new, constitutional reality of persuading other voters and state legislators—and living with the results.

If you think it’s “the” issue, consider the Nov. 8 election to be a referendum on abortion. You’ll lose. All Republicans, most Independents, and about a third of Democrats see their gas and grocery prices, potential job losses, plummeting 401(k)s; an open border, and out-of-control crime—in their neighborhood, nearby, and on the news—driving their votes. They will justifiably vote Republican in droves.

Turn off MSNBC, take a break from online leftist hysteria, and ignore the endless Jan. 6 Democrat blather about nonexistent Trump-inspired fascist insurrection. Over half of Americans, in all demographics, agree that election fraud affected the outcome in 2020; they have solid reasons.

You can’t want legitimate, easy voting if you won’t demand that only verified legal citizens have a right to vote, one time per election, for the one candidate they support; you can’t allow that precious vote to be cancelled by someone committing fraud, and cheating to help their side. Literally thousands of election fraud cases have been prosecuted, with some voting results so tainted that judges have forced, not just a recount, but have vacated the election and called for a new one. It should have happened in 2020.

I wrote ten columns, many thousands of words, addressing and proving fraud two years ago; the single largest number of articles and analyses I can link to (after the phony climate crisis) addresses the continuing revelations of election “rigging.” The “flawless election” believers will never be convinced; I’ll side with the 53 percent that already know fraud changed the election.

Please bookmark: “gab.com/realdonaldtrump” “rumble.com/c/Bongino” “truthsocial.com” “bonginoreport.com” “powerlineblog.com” and “instapundit.com.”

Look up and purchase “Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections” by Mollie Hemmingway (2021). “Stunned by the turbulence of the 2020 election, millions of Americans are asking the forbidden question: What really happened? It was a devastating triple punch. Capping their four-year campaign to destroy the Trump presidency, the media portrayed a Democratic victory as necessary and inevitable.

“Big Tech, wielding unprecedented powers, vaporized dissent and erased damning reports about the Biden family’s corruption. And Democratic operatives, exploiting a public health crisis, shamelessly manipulated the voting process itself. Silenced and subjected, the American people lost their faith in the system.”

Every “swing state”—NV, AZ, GA, PA, MI and WI—implemented unconstitutional voting rules not legally passed by legislatures; they took $400+ million from Zuckerberg and spent it on partisan, illegal schemes to drive up (only) Democrat votes. Courts refused to hear the merits of lawsuits before the elections (claiming no injured party), and then took a “we’ll get called bad names by Democrats if we change a result” position.

More on that—and current efforts to tilt the scales for maximum Democrat advantage—coming.

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