Friday, July 21, 2017

Moonbeam Brown Unhinged: ‘Existence of humanity rests on extending California’s cap and tax law’

Moonbeam Brown Unhinged: ‘Existence of humanity rests on extending California’s cap and tax law’

Guest essay by Larry Hamlin,
Existence of humanity rests on extending Governor Brown’s cap and tax law. Just watch Jerry Brown in his rant over the issue on July 14th:

California Governor Brown presented testimony in hearings where he demanded that the California’s cap and tax law which is the centerpiece of the state’s carbon fighting schemes and which expires in 2020 be extended to year 2030.
Brown proclaimed that:
“America is facing not just a climate crisis with the rest of the world, we are facing a political crisis,” Brown told lawmakers at the first public hearing on his proposal to reduce the state’s carbon emissions. “Can democracy actually work? Is there a sufficient consensus that we can govern ourselves? That, I submit to you, is an open question.”
An L. A. Times article discussing Brown’s testimony indicated that “he warned of mass migration, forest fires, floods, disease and other pestilence should lawmakers not act.”
Brown admonished lawmakers that California’s cap and tax law serves as a model for carbon-reduction efforts across the world, from China to neighboring Oregon.
Brown failed to address the lawmakers regarding how the extension of the California cap and tax law will stop the building by China of more than 700 new coal plants in the next ten years.
An article in The Wall Street Journal regarding the challenges Governor Brown is facing to extend the cap and tax law noted:
“Manufacturers, oil refiners and food processors—major employers in low-income areas—will have to buy permits or expensive new equipment to comply with the state’s emissions cap. Cap and trade has raised the cost of gas by about 12 cents a gallon and this surcharge will increase as emissions controls tighten. Californians already pay about 65 cents more per gallon than the national average.”
Additionally the Wall Street Journal further noted:
“This year the state Senate passed legislation doubling the renewable mandate to 100% by 2045—and, by the way, California is producing so much solar power on some days that it has to pay other states to unload it. Senate Democrats have also proposed jacking up the price of emissions permits and imposing a border carbon fee to tax out-of-state imports.”
It is difficult to comprehend how “the existence of humanity” rests on California extending its cap and tax law to year 2030. But this is California – what else needs to be said.

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