Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Don's Tuesday Column

              THE WAY I SEE IT   by Don Polson   Red Bluff Daily News   7/11/2015

                                Road work, Trump works

           Many of the mountain forests, lakes and rivers we like to visit in the summer have, as locals will say, “two seasons—winter and road work.” When our generator quit we had the good fortune of finding a mobile RV repairman. He performed a number of adjustments for altitude, etc. and advised us to get a thorough servicing and rebuild the carburetor. His report of road conditions told us that the second season was upon us; past the gravel road to our campground, the highway to West Yellowstone and Yellowstone Park, was “under construction.”
We thought that the Island Park, Idaho, area to the south was beyond the road “chip and seal” zone. Not true; we discovered that traffic on the entire 10-mile section of Highway 87, from the border between Idaho and Montana—the Continental Divide pass—to the outskirts of town, was all being led one way at a time by pilot cars. If your entrance to the highway, from a side road, driveway or parking lot, was in the zone, a small “Stop” sign included instructions that you must wait until a pilot car was headed your direction before proceeding.
Since the resurfacing project extended for miles, the road within your sight might be quite empty, devoid of traffic, pilot cars or not. Not wanting to incur the wrath of whoever is in charge, we waited. God help your patience if the first pilot-car-led traffic is not going where you desire; you better have a good radio station (a joke because there is only one).
By the good fortune of having Verizon Internet access at our lakeside location, about 6,600-foot elevation, we can supplement the radio newscasts with our online sources of information: Drudge Report, Powerlineblog and Instapundit for me; Facebook feeds for Barbara. Fewer and fewer reports become particularly engrossing; the condition on the lake, in the weather and the status of our food and beverage supplies becomes our first priorities.
Nonetheless, we found that while our attention is shortened by the fondness for books we stockpiled, the news doesn’t really change what we know about current political narratives. President Trump is accomplishing much within the executive branch, is prevailing in the Supreme Court over extremely misguided judicial obstruction to his immigration and refugee policies, and is using his plenary authority over the numerous Departments, that his appointees lead, to reduce, reform, replace and eliminate burdensome regulations. His speech in Poland was magnificent!
His heads of Interior, Energy and the EPA are working to cut back on regulations holding back America’s energy and land use freedom. No longer must we be simply striving for energy sufficiency or independence—America now has the potential to be a dominant force in the energy sector by exporting natural gas, coal, shale oil and technology. The undoing of the onerous overreach by Obama’s agencies, through the Clean Water Act (Waters of the US) regulations, is moving forward, getting the feds out of the business of controlling practically every seasonal puddle on anyone’s land. We, the people are regaining control and use. Jobs are “bigly” growing.
          Trump is finding the revelations over the lack of any impact of Russian meddling on our election to be a potent weapon against the media obsession that Trump use the words they want to hear. That and the fact that Obama was 1) well informed of said hacking and meddling but 2) did nothing about it beyond 3) publicly refuting the idea that the Russians could have an impact.
          Trump is pointing to the real Russian influence peddling and corruption: Hillary Clinton’s uranium deals and her campaign head “John Podesta’s Russia Connection” (J. Mirengoff); see also “Uncovering the Russia ties of Hillary’s campaign chief,” (P. Schweizer, New York Post). Investigated: Hillary, Bernie, et al; not investigated: Donald Trump.
Some observations from the campground Internet: The violent loons, nuts and groups on the left are mostly not rejected—almost approved—by Democrat leaders and progressive MSN mouthpieces. Are they criticizing the 100,000 protesters, the violent, property destroying, freedom-hating rioters inflicting injury on hundreds of police, in Hamburg, Germany? They’re not very adamant about condemning the socialist, nihilist, Trump-hating beliefs motivating it all.
The violent streak in the American Democrat left remains undeterred after the attempted political massacre of Republicans at a baseball field in Virginia. “Nebraska Democratic Party Technology Chairman Phil Montag: ‘I’m glad he (Republican Steve Scalise) got shot. I wish he was f---ing dead’ (Nebraska.tv.news/nation-world).” While fired by Dem Party Chairwoman Jane Kleeb (with the phony equivalency of “far right and the far left”), it came a week after another Nebraska Democratic leader, Chelsey Gentry-Tipton, made a similar outrageous Facebook post.
“FBI arrests Omaha man accused of threatening U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst,” (July 8, Omaha.com). “Simet is accused of telling an employee (of a motorcycle shop prior to an Ernst appearance) that he ‘could kill’ Ernst at the event.” There was a “Man Charged with Threatening Ohio Rep. Stivers: ‘We’re Coming to Get’ Every Go--amn One of You.’” (Columbus Dispatch)
“Protester Arrested at (AZ.) Sen. Flake Office: ‘You know how liberals are going to solve the Republican problem? They are going to get better aim. That last guy tried, but he needed better aim. We will get better aim.’” Also from Tucsonnewsnow.com: “A month before the (Scalise) shooting, a Tucson man was arrested for allegedly threatening (Republican) Rep. Martha McSally.” Are these fanatics inspired by Democrats Sanders (“27,000 will die” from Republican health care law) or Warren (“blood money”) or Murphy (“more evil” Senate bill)?

Finally: “Obama warns Americans about too much patriotism—on July 4th weekend.”

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