Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Don's Tuesday Column

                THE WAY I SEE IT   by Don Polson  Red Bluff Daily News   4/04/2017

                  Outrage over illegal aliens, abortion

While “palace intrigue” roils Washington, other issues strike a little closer to home. A CHP officer survived injury after a shootout that was deadly to one of the criminals. Unlike the blanks fired from the prop guns of the A Team actors, which never hit anyone, real life uses of deadly force occur when bad people flout the law and choose to fire guns at law enforcement.
It should be a standard procedure to inform the public of the immigration status of suspects when known. The perpetrators in the CHP shooting on I-5 north of Hooker Creek Road may be here legally but, if state and national statistics hold true, Tehama County is regularly subjected to violent and major crime by “illegal aliens” (terms written into federal law).
I understand that the politically correct crowd weighs in on the side of hiding such relevant personal descriptors as race or immigration status, but the FBI certainly quantifies and tabulates the data for good reason. Age, sex, immigration and race don’t determine criminal behavior but are certainly important in analyzing social trends and help target preventative and rehabilitative efforts to susceptible demographics. Liberals just don’t want alien crime noticed.
However, every American is owed the honesty and candor from our public servants and the news media that comes with having public funds (government) or public trust (news media). I’ve seen statistics suggesting that 20 percent of federal prisoners are illegal aliens; high profile and violent crime committed by that group seems to only mention their illegal status when the research ferrets it out. All should support President Trump’s efforts to inform us of such crime.
There was a recent rape of a 14-year-old female student at a Maryland high school by 2 illegal aliens; the father of 18-year-old suspect Henry Sanchez-Milian, Adolfo Sanchez-Reyes, also illegally came here from Guatemala. Local authorities were forced to reveal their illegal status by public pressure and local media. The deceptive hypocrisy opened many eyes.
We’ve been treated, over the years, to hysterical reporting and protests of sexual assaults, which are sometimes hoaxes. Who can forget the infamous phony rape of a stripper by Duke lacrosse players at a party? Only after being subjected to protest mobs, scholastic punishment, fraternity sanctions, pronouncements of presumed guilt by professors and lengthy, public-shaming prosecution by an aggressive district attorney—only after the accuser’s story was finally revealed to be fraudulent were the lacrosse team members exonerated. As a falsely-accused Nixon aid, Ray Donavon, asked: “Where do I go to get my reputation back.”
The infamous “rape-of-Jackie” story in the Rolling Stone likewise turned out to be a hoax, resulting in an embarrassing retraction by the magazine. We’ve been regaled with the phony “one out of five women in college will be raped” narrative. Only dogged conservative reporters discovered that the supposed “sexual assault” rate included such non-criminal acts as an uninvited peck on the check or crude pass at a party. When statistics revealed that women off-campus were far more likely to be actually raped, the agenda of inserting federal control over the private arrangements of consenting students fell apart.
Given the reticence of national media to prominently cover the rape of the 14-year-old girl in Maryland by illegal aliens, we now know that news media only consider sexual assault newsworthy if it serves a liberal agenda. Crimes by illegals don’t fit the agenda; pay no heed.
Those who express alarm over Immigration and Customs Enforcement actions to apprehend illegal alien criminals (such as what occurred in the Gerber area, resulting in lowered school attendance) should be more properly outraged by the obvious tax and budget costs that follow such immigrants. California voters certainly had enough of paying taxes to support illegal immigrants when they passed Prop 187, overruled by a judge who deemed his compassionate wisdom to supersede the will of the voters and taxpayers. Trump’s policies will address the injustice of illegal border-crossers that use resources in schools, jobs, hospitals and housing.
Local Planned Parenthood supporters were in the news for their protest of proposed, actually long-promised, elimination of federal funding for the abortion mills that masquerade as “pre-natal” service providers. Donald Trump and most Republicans campaigned on cutting the taxpayer funding of abortion. Polled Americans support cutting taxpayer funding for abortions.
Quote marks are used because someone put together seemingly endless praise for “pre-natal” services from Democrat politicians and PP defenders. The researcher then recorded the responses of dozens of PP employees when asked about “pre-natal” services. The questions were met with blank stares, hemming, hawing, and denials that they did anything other than abortions.
A timely article in last Wednesday’s Daily News from the AP, “States push to protect birth control,” continued the phony narrative of wide-ranging pregnancy and “family planning” services. The only birth control Planned Parenthood truly advocates is killing babies in the womb.
They could refute that by opening their books, a reasonable request for a taxpayer-funded business, and documenting the portion of resources devoted to abortion versus other services.

            Finally, Mr. Minch ridiculed be for referring to the sale of organs by Planned Parenthood, a practice that was documented by the Center for Medical Progress in secretly recorded conversations over lunch and wine with PP leaders. A former employee described being instructed to cut through the face of a live, aborted baby to recover the brain. Read for yourself at donpolson.blogspot.com, under the “Abortion” tag on the right side. I’ve reposted “Feds Announce Probe Of NIH Involvement in Planned Parenthood’s Baby Organ Trafficking Schemes,” and “The Latest Planned Parenthood Video: Utterly Appalling.” Read them.

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