Wednesday, August 29, 2012

NBC News and the rest of Obama's media minions are desperate to push the line that the GOP is dangerously close to a whites-only club

The narrative NBC News and the rest of Obama's Media Minions are desperate to push is that the GOP is dangerously close to a whites-only club, you know, kind of like NBC News and the rest of the media.

by John Nolte
Early on during the convention coverage last night, NBC's Chief White House Correspondent, Chuck Todd and his goatee, roamed the floor of the convention hall to reassure MSNBC viewers that the only reason people of color were showing up on their television screens was due to the fact that the GOP strategically placed non-white convention-goers for maximum camera advantage.
In other words, Todd and his goatee told the audience that non-white convention-goers were nothing more than tokens.
Chuck Todd is nothing if not a helluva race-baiting shill for Obama.
Then NBC did something truly amazing….
No, really; it was truly amazing….
Not one speech by a person of color was broadcast on MSNBC.
Not a single one.
Not even Artur Davis, and his speech was a very big deal.
Some media apologists are claiming Fox News also didn’t air these speeches, but Fox did air Davis's speech.
And that's a distinction with a big difference. There is no excuse for not airing the Davis speech -- only a desperate political agenda.
Yep, when it comes to airing GOP convention speeches, the NBC policy is "Whites Only."
Some call that racism.

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