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Don Lemon Turns Sour Live on the Air

Don Lemon Turns Sour Live on the Air

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  • Don Lemon continues to be a crank in the mornings.

The CNN morning show continues to be a source of messy broadcasting. Recall the recent report that had Don Lemon getting loud and testy with co-host Kaitlan Collins? Well, she has been dispatched from the studio, you might notice, doing field reports at the Capitol. Then, during a recent interview with Rep. James Comer, when she tossed back to Lemon in the studio, he became very perturbed.

Comer had been speaking of the current hearings with former Twitter executives and how their actions led to the squelching of the Hunter Biden laptop story. After Comer made mention of the New York Post, this was enough to set off Lemon. He was incensed enough to block the attempt of the production to go to commercial.

  • "That's the time that we're in, where facts are sort of flexible and you just throw things out there ­– citing uncredible sources, like citing the New York Post as a credible source and saying that facts are – it's just, I can't believe that we're here." 

The host went on at length about this alleged aversion to truth but never actually got around to disputing, well – anything. All while spouting off about the truth, he never made anything approaching a correction. After all, he could not rebuke the laptop story, as that had been confirmed repeatedly by now. The probable reason for his outburst? That report on the problems with Lemon and Collins came from the NY Post.

News Avoidance Syndrome – VARIOUS OUTLETS

It is a particularly glaring blindspot in the media that just as they are bleating about the dangers of partisan rhetoric, they do not seem all too concerned when examples of actual violence rear up. Recall last year when a journalist was murdered on his front lawn by a politician in Nevada; that was ignored once it was realized the killer was a Democrat.

Now here we are, just two days after President Biden brought up the topic in the State of the Union speech, and news breaks that a second city politician in New Jersey has been murdered within a week. While it is being reported, there is a distinct lack of ongoing punditry lecturing us on the nature of these murders and the dangers of our divisive nation. Only a liar and a cynic would suggest this silence is due to both of the victims being Republicans.

Stealth Story Evolution – CNN

  • If the press keeps at this, they will eventually nail down this ever-morphing balloon story.

As we have been detailing, the press has been struggling to keep the positive aspects of the Chinese spy balloon story afloat. One of the better components of the coverage has been how the conservatives in this country were freaking out and exaggerating about the nefarious aspects of this "innocent" balloon episode. On Saturday, Jim Acosta had on Democratic strategist Maria Cardona to mock Republicans building it up into a bigger story than it deserved to be.

Well, now things have shifted, yet again, as Señor Acosta shares a CNN report on the nature of the spyware discovered from the felled balloon wreckage.

  • "A senior State Department official said Thursday that the balloon 'was capable of conducting signals intelligence collection operations.' The Biden administration has determined that the Chinese balloon was operating with electronic surveillance technology capable of monitoring US communications, according to the official."

Oh, those nutty conservatives and their completely legitimate concerns over verified surveillance from a hostile nation violating our sovereign airspace!

Gilded Reframe – WASHINGTON POST

This is just getting funnier and funnier. For some damned reason, the Washington Post insists on repeatedly trying to combat the efforts of Chris Rufo as he exposes the woke/CRT/Oppressive agendas being inserted into our education systems. Numerous times they have been challenged by him over errors and fabrications, and the outlet has been compelled to make edits and corrections to their reports. Annnnnnd, it has happened yet again.

Rufo recently revealed some of the race-based agendas being installed at Florida State University, including a scholarship program that clearly defined it was not going to be made eligible to white students. Philip Bump attempted to dispute some of what Rufo claimed, and he was then called out for an extremely lax dose of journalism, leading to – you guessed correctly – another correction from the paper.

Artisanally-Crafted Narratives – ROLL CALL

Over at Roll Call, Mark Satter had a big scoop about some changes on a Senatorial committee. Josh Hawley has been removed from the Armed Services panel, and this was supposedly the act of some revenge enacted by Mitch McConnell over his inactivity on the panel, as well as challenging the leader directly. That was according to unnamed sources.

However, according to Hawley's team, the senator stepped down voluntarily to grant his position to a newly elected fellow Republican, Eric Schmidt. Now, this could be chalked up to being a face-saving spin made by Hawley's office, except this version of events was backed up by the other side of this story. Mitch McConnell's people also came forward to say this had been the case. 

So now you have both individuals cited going on the record with matching details, but Satter decides to run with the account of nameless sources speaking off the record. Also damaging Satter's account of things, he listed off a number of military bases in the home state of Hawley and Schmidt, except two of those listed are not, in fact, located in Missouri.

Low Octane Gas Lighting – CNN

  • You might want to revisit the amount of leverage you possess these days, Mr. Kinzinger.

The ever-unraveling psyche of Adam Kinzinger continues to play out on a near-daily basis. One of Kinzinger's particular obsessions of late has been Elon Musk, and when that individual manages to come across Adam's other large obsession – going to war in Ukraine – well, the man simply cannot help himself.

In the latest outburst, Kinzinger saw information regarding Musk's Starlink internet satellite system being restricted from use by the Ukraine military for drone operations, and Kinzinger lashed out. Well…he sort of lashed out. He seemed to be posing a threat that if Musk did not comply with Ukraine's military needs then Adam might compel our government to intervene against Musk's intentions.

It would appear that the man who recently encountered a forced career change has forgotten his loss of such influence.

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