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Transgender Teen Testifies About Regretting the Transition, Lefties Lose Their Minds

Transgender Teen Testifies About Regretting the Transition, Lefties Lose Their Minds

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Chloe Cole started reading trans activism posts on Instagram when she was 11. She decided she was transgender at 12. Chloe started taking puberty blockers and testosterone treatments when she was 14. Her mom gave her the injections, and in the next two years, Chloe would have a double mastectomy. Now, at 17, she is going back to being herself and is speaking out against allowing kids to transition. Needless to say, the lefties are going bonkers.

GHOULS-O-RAMA! Leftists are fiendishly fighting for the rights of young teens to transition from one sex to the other, despite the fact that over 82% of transgender youth will consider suicide and at least 40% will attempt it.

Cole appeared in court to oppose California bill SB107, which would allow kids from other states to travel to California for transitioning purposes, making California a “sanctuary state” for transitioning kids.

In her testimony, Chloe mentions how doctors kept urging her parents to allow the transition, dangling their daughter’s potential suicide as a possible outcome if they didn’t allow her to proceed.

Needless to say, leftist prags are attacking Chloe for wanting to be who she really is.

The backlash isn’t surprising to anyone paying attention.

HYPOCRISY-O-RAMA! A transgender comedian name Daphne Dorman opened for Dave Chappelle. When Dorman defended Chapelle, whom the trans crowd has come to loathe, the trans attack brigade bullied Dorman until the comedian committed suicide. Chappelle discusses it in his Netflix special, The Closer.

Leftists salivate at the thought of young teens deciding to surgically and medicinally morph their bodies into the other sex and are quick to pounce on anyone who disagrees with their insanity.

Cole recently testified in Florida against using Medicaid money to pay for teens who want to “transition” to the opposite sex.

Cole testified that she “didn’t understand” the consequences of what she was doing.

“I really didn’t understand all of the ramifications of any of the medical decisions that I was making,” she stated at a recent hearing. “I was unknowingly physically cutting off my true self from my body, irreversibly and painfully.”

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“Do not transition your kids,” Cole declared to Fox News. “If you are considering transitioning, please wait until you are a fully developed adult. Transitioning can damage your body and mind in ways that we may not fully understand.”

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