There is so much that’s disturbing about this interview, it is very difficult to adequately contextualize the danger we are facing as a nation.

It’s an easy disposable line to say Joe Biden is clueless about things. He stumbles with cognitive thought, has trouble putting thoughts into understandable sentence structures using words, makes frequent gaffes and generally struggles to communicate issues that are simple and not complex.  When the issues are complex, the cognitive impairment gets worse.  These are easy truths to hit him with…

However, there’s a more concerning aspect once you listen to how genuinely he has been led to believe in things that are fundamentally false. That’s where the danger comes from.  In this prompted segment on COVID and the economy Joe Biden references a perspective, a belief in current events, that has been seeded into his brain by Surgeon General Vivek Murthy.

I know it’s hard to listen to him, but in this segment pay close attention.  Joe Biden believes, really believes, that a COVID induced mental psychosis is responsible for people convincing themselves that prices have gone up, that inflation is extreme, and that economic pain is real.

He has been told that inflation does not exist, so he believes inflation is imaginary. He is reconciling the difference between what he is told to believe and the reality that everyone lives, by accepting an explanation from his advisors – that working-class people are suffering from psychosis.  WATCH (8:54):


Transfer that reference into the policy from his office, and things become clear.  Those driving the economic policy know they are creating chaos; however, they are telling Joe Biden the economic chaos does not exist.  Without a reference for the damage his office is responsible for creating, more intentionally chaotic economic policy comes forth.

The same context applies to foreign policy, monetary policy, regulatory policy, economic policy, energy policy, education policy etc.  Scary stuff.