Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Don's Tuesday Column

          THE WAY I SEE IT   by Don Polson Red Bluff Daily News   1/30/2018

              Secrets, lies shouted from roofs

From Luke 12, “what you have whispered…will be proclaimed from the roofs.” It seems to apply to numerous recent events. Exposed secrets felled the FBI’s McCabe, Strzok and Page. The Democrat/media/Deep State complex falsely thought Trump guilty of secret “Russian collusion; the real secret “Russian collusion” was the use of Russia-sourced propaganda by Clinton, the DNC and FBI partisans in a despicable attempt to smear Trump—to this day.
Reporters harbor such inner anathema and self-righteous indignation towards President Trump that USA Today featured a wishful piece about how “Trump may give his speech to an empty room,” the day before he addressed the Davos Economic Forum. Funny thing how, for the actual speech, it was British PM Theresa May that suffered embarrassment as her hall emptied out so that her audience could rush to get their place in the “standing room only” venue for Trump’s appearance. Imagine that: Trump is popular in Davos; they lined up for an hour.
Sometimes, news “journalists” willingly pull the veil aside to reveal their inner anti-American bent; Ryan Cooper posted a piece at “The Week” titled “America’s Constitution is terrible. Let’s throw it out and start over.” It’s been an accepted, secret position among the progressive/liberal left for most of a century that America’s founding documents were deeply flawed and in need of being “fundamentally transformed.” To wit: Woodrow Wilson’s denigration of said documents. FDR (and just about every prominent Democrat up to and including Barack Obama) spoke of a “positive Bill of Rights”—specifying what the government (meaning We, the People) owes We, the People—replacing the “negative” protections from the government at the core of the actual Bill of Rights.
It is slowly dawning on many Americans that Democrats don’t really care a fig about the DACA immigrants, or the “Dreamers” for that matter, beyond their usefulness as prospective mindless future Democrat voters. Hence, the Democrats’ obsession with legalization for their furthest distant relative—together with California-style automatic voter registration for the “undocumented”—while playing “Lucy with the football” to Republican Charlie Browns. Undefeatable protection and prohibitions against future illegal entry? Disingenuous promises.
In another cartoon-character analogy, it’s been over 30 years since the first Wimpy–like Democrat offer to “gladly give you border security later for legalization today.” If the Schumer-led Democrats don’t give whatever Trump wants for fencing, walls, and ending chain migration and lottery visas, they alone are the ones saying “no” to DACA and “Dreamer” status.
The accusation that Donald Trump somehow “colluded” with Russians to win the election suggests a serious, impeachable offense; however, there is no federal statute being cited on which to base the evidence, if any is discovered, of criminality. You might not know that Mueller is not seeking a criminal case against Trump. It is an open-ended intelligence inquiry that, as former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy has thoroughly proven, has never relied on evidence that justify a federal criminal warrant. Hence, the reliance on the far-lower standard necessary for a FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) warrant, which was done to secure authority to “surveil” (including “wiretaps”) the Trump campaign and transition. To date, no proof of collusion has emerged, as admitted by every Democrat.
However, to the extent that those FISA warrants were predicated on the so-called “Steele Dossier”—the product of real, verifiable collusion between the Hillary campaign, the DNC, Fusion GPS, Steele and numerous unnamed Russian government and spy sources—the request for said warrants would be laughed out of a criminal court judge’s chambers. It’s called “insufficient evidence” to warrant a Fourth Amendment search of a private citizen’s effects.
The fact is, in a news media/unnamed-source environment, nothing damning has been leaked to provide the voters and taxpayers with reason to believe the trope of “Trump/Russian collusion.” That should give any fair-minded person sufficient reason to dismiss it; Trump has repeatedly and confidently asserted it a witch-hunt, a well-funded fishing expedition—basically, wild assertions in search of a crime, or even proof. What “process crimes” have, so far, been charged (Michael Flynn) or admitted (Papadopoulos) are irrelevant if all they ever had to go on were the flimsy spy-novel-type of wild, unverified, unprovable stories from Steele’s dossier.
Hence, we’ve circled around to a perversion of the Luke adages: What is being disclosed, “made known” and “proclaimed from the roofs” (an allusion, perhaps, to current communication technology) is not what was actually “concealed,” “hidden” or “whispered” as the Democrat/media partisans would have us believe. It more resembles the “lies that circle the world before the truth can get its slippers on.” Through the subpoenaed DOJ and FBI documents (legally acquired despite opposition from key people), Republicans have written a summary memo to inform the public. We are now in the midst of discovering what hitherto secret perfidy has been done to promulgate phony charges of “Russian collusion” against Trump.

Democrats and the corrupt investigators in those two agencies are now in a last-ditch, full assault to prevent disclosure of the scandalous methods and fraudulent processes that have been employed by a cabal of partisans. They’re willing to cast aside propriety, rules, constitutional protections and common decency to effectively conduct a “coup de tat” against the duly elected President, Donald J. Trump. But for a judicial veneer, much like the “emperor’s new clothes,” their intentions and methods reveal an attempted coup, a crass power grab by Democrats in the DOJ, FBI, Congress and the media. The goal: remove a political enemy, reversing the election.

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