Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Don's Tuesday Column

             THE WAY I SEE IT   by Don Polson  Red Bluff Daily News   5/23/2017
CA Dems offend propriety
First, it bears noting that with the passing of another week—and in a news and political world where it appears that nothing can be kept secret in Washington, D.C.—we have yet to see any evidence, or even a hint of evidence, of so-called “collusion” between candidate Donald Trump and Russia. No collusion with the Russians, period. No collusion to help the Russians target Hillary Clinton and weaken her failed campaign; or to hack the emails of the DNC or John Podesta. No collusion, no crime, no scandal, and certainly nothing to support the wild-eyed, Trump-deranged Democrat left’s obsession with impeaching President Trump. Sorry, losers.
You might say that I protest too much but the real evidence of excessive, over-the-top—even objectionable and hysterical—protest was in plain sight at the California Democrats State Convention. You wouldn’t know it from the video clips on TV or the sanitized print accounts, but Saturday’s events featured some NSFW/F (Not Safe For Work or Family) moments, courtesy of outgoing Democratic Party chairman John Burton. You are warned about the next paragraph.
The same AP reporter, Jonathan J. Cooper, who filed the story for our Saturday edition of the Daily News, “California Democrats open convention with eye on Trump,” sent out a tweet at 11:15 AM Saturday with material that might not show up in subsequent stories on the convention. “Outgoing Dem chair John Burton: ‘all together now: f--- Donald Trump.’ While the crowd holds up two middle fingers.” Such obscene displays weren’t on any local or national news that I saw.
Would such foul gestures and chants directed at Obama by Republicans at their convention have disapprovingly led the news? You bet your “bippy” they would. I take it that some local Central Committee Democrats were in attendance, as is the custom for local Republicans. Does anyone care to defend that behavior? Speak up; help Trump get 70 percent of the local vote in 2020.
Perhaps illustrating the disconnect between reality and “fake news”-driven propaganda, our own U.S. Senator, Kamala “landslide” Harris (my May 9 column referenced her legislative and prosecutorial corruption on behalf of Planned Parenthood) veered into rhetorical bombast at the same convention. Her mind-numbingly stupid remark accused Trump of putting “Russia first, America second.” Don’t hold your breath waiting for any examples of Trump favoring Russia.
To reiterate, neither Senator Diane Feinstein, ex-NSA James Clapper, nor Democrats Schiff, Lewis, Schumer et al have had anything but denials that they have seen evidence of the supposed Trump/Russia collusion. Fired FBI Director Comey has likewise, under oath, testified that there’s been no evidence. He also denied, under oath, that anyone (for example, President Trump) has tried to “halt that FBI investigation…Not in my experience (has it happened).”
It is politically bizarre that Democrats cling to ever-ephemeral hopes that they can impeach President Trump based on (now that they have their Special Counsel Mueller) some shred of legal proof of perfidy. The real “$64,000 question” (ancient TV game show) is “Will Democrats accept the eventual finding by Robert Mueller that neither Trump, nor his campaign, ‘colluded’ criminally with the Russians?” Pardon the trick question; there is no statute criminalizing “collusion,” only “conspiracy” to commit a crime. What, pray tell, is the crime?
“Are any Democratic lawmakers starting to fear that they’re not going to find that evidence?…Imagine a scenario where the FBI and prosecutors eventually can prove some underling violated the law—obstruction of justice? Lying to investigators?—but not Trump. Will Democrats accept that?” (National Review Corner, 5/20) Or will a “Scooter Libby” level of “process crime” be held up as “You see? Trump did everything we said,” evidence aside?
“Because so many Democrats associate Trump with apocalyptic threats—global warming…a repressive theocracy…nuclear confrontation, race wars—they all see themselves as their own personal Kyle Reeses, on a mission to save the future. [Kyle Reese was the hero/savior in the ‘Terminator’ series who traveled back in time to prevent the coming subjugation of humans under the tyranny of the machines] With this desperate, all-or-nothing mindset, they will always insist that the evidence to take down Trump is waiting to be found around the corner.” Yes, “The truth is out there,” as in The X-files, has found an eager tin-foil hat brigade among Democrats.
Meanwhile, they—the Democrats and their media cohorts—have to step over, walk around and turn a blind eye to the real record of Barack Obama. I cite searchable articles: “Obama Ordered The U.S. Intelligence Community To Share Intel With Cuba” (May 16, Sean Trende). “In the waning days of his administration, President Barack Obama ordered the U.S. intelligence community to share information with communist Cuba…despite the fact that one of the top U.S. intelligence officials had branded Cuba as one of America’s biggest espionage threats.”
“Obama’s CIA Director Leaked Top Secret Bin Laden Raid Intel To Hollywood: When the Obama administration leaked classified information about military maneuvers and secret cyber attacks, media was silent.” “2014: White House mistakenly identifies CIA chief in Afghanistan.” “June, 2016: U.S. offers to share Syria intelligence on terrorists with Russia.”

           Citing Obama’s “from the podium” interference in judicial proceedings, Keith Koffler wrote “Three Times Barack Obama Attempted to Obstruct Justice” (May 17). Obama pre-judged the innocence of Hillary Clinton, the unjustified killing of Michael Brown by a white officer in Ferguson, Missouri, and the reprehensible tragedy of Trayvon Martin, killed by local watch captain George Zimmerman. The facts proved not to support Obama’s narrative, fortunately. 

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