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SPYGATE: Liberal Law Professor Jonathan Turley: Obama Spying on Trump Should be ‘Investigated’ [VIDEO]

SPYGATE: Liberal Law Professor Jonathan Turley: Obama Spying on Trump Should be ‘Investigated’ [VIDEO]

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Highly respected liberal law professor and constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley at George Washington University, seemingly one of the few intellectually honest liberals left in America — someone who objectively has criticized both Democrats and Republicans when he thought they were out of bounds — was asked to respond to the stunning charges from President Trump on Saturday that Obama illegally wiretapped Trump Tower during the presidential campaign against Democrat Hillary Clinton and that he was considering legal action.
After CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield and her guests sounded like Obama’s legal defense team all Saturday morning, Professor Turley provided an alternative to CNN’s shameful coverage of the accusation and its ramifications, characterizing the alleged spying by Obama as “disturbing” and that everyone in should have be interested in having the scandal investigate.
Turley called the matter of Obama spying on Trump during the election a “serious question” and blasted the FISA (court established under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act that approves federal wiretapping requests) court as an entity created to bypass Fourth Amendment restrictions on government unconstitutionally spying on American citizens.
Turley, a previous intern at the NSA in his younger years, said that Obama spying on Trump Tower is even more “disturbing” if it involved the FISA court and that the standards for approving a wiretap by the court are “very, very low” since the shadowy court rarely turns down requests.
“I’ve been in that court and I became a lifelong critic of it — I’ve litigated FISA cases since then. The standard is very, very low. Applications are rarely if ever turned down. Literally, only a couple of applications have been turned down in the history of that law because it was written largely to evade the Fourth Amendment protection.”
Turley said that President Trump’s accusation is “disturbing” and that “if there was a FISA application approved on Trump Towers, particularly at the height of the election, I think we should all have a legitimate interest in having that investigated,” something CNN lackeys looked very uncomfortable hearing since they seem to have only two interests, 1) Protecting Obama and the progressive leftist agenda — including open borders, and,  2) Bringing down the Trump administration by creating fake scandals after eight years of sitting on their thumbs during Obama’s many scandals.

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During his time in office, Obama was no stranger to using the power of the government on his political opponents in an unconstitutional way. In May 2013, the Obama IRS admitted targeting the pro-constitution, pro-liberty Tea Party for their political views — a tyrannical and unconstitutional act in which no one was punished or held accountable.
Moreover, Obama unconstitutionally spied on FOX News reporter James Rosen and theAssociated Press (AP), a clear attack on freedom of the press. Of course, even when Obama was spying on the media violating their constitutional rights, there was no “hair on fire” reaction or a demand that anyone be held accountable.
Neither was there any call by Democrats to investigate Obama for his unconstitutional acts, of course.
During a town hall on Saturday, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said that he didn’t know if Trump’s accusation that Obama wiretapped him is true or not but stated if it is “it would be the biggest political scandal since Watergate.”
Before switching to another CNN commentator, Fredricka Whitfield said that Jonathan Turley seemed to agree with Graham about the Watergate comparison — a comparison President Trump also made.
Turley nodded his head in the affirmative.

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