Saturday, January 7, 2017

Gallup: Dems won't give Trump benefit of doubt

In a shocking display of opposition even by 2016 standards, Democrats have decided not to give President-elect Trump any chance to prove himself, deciding from the outset that he will fail in most of his actions.
Where over 60 percent of Republicans showed some confidence in Barack Obama as he prepared to take office in 2009, just 21 percent of Democrats feel the same way about Trump.
The 61 percent GOP confidence in Obama to the 21 percent Democratic confidence in Trump is nearly a three-to-one gap in the latest Gallup survey.
"These data underscore the much more polarized partisan environment in which Trump will be taking office," said the survey analysis.
For Trump, it sets up a problem from the start in winning some Democratic support. But it also lowers expectations among Democrats. Republicans, meanwhile, are ready for him to begin.
Said Gallup:
"Relatively few Democrats express confidence in Trump to handle the various presidential responsibilities, from a low of 14% for preventing scandals to a high of 35% for working effectively with Congress. Meanwhile, between 77% and 90% of Republicans are confident in the president-elect, expressing greater confidence in his ability to handle the economy and work with Congress, and less in his being able to prevent scandals."
More than 1,000 law professors oppose Sessions for AG
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